How smart are you Dare to Apply? – Student Zone – There is a lot of discussion on Twitter @workfess about someone’s story fresh graduate who apply for jobs via LinkedIn, email, and other platforms.

However, the response he received actually made him emotional and disappointed. Because, HR company X actually despises him who only has 1-2 years of working experience.

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Consider it a waste of time

“I’m an FG, right? apply work via LinkedIn, email, etc. Have you ever apply in a job that requires 1-2 years of experience,” he wrote.

Then, HR from company X called him in a condescending and slightly annoyed tone.

“You didn’t see that inrequirementshow many years of experience does it take? How smart are you, how dare you apply?” HRD said.

Then, fresh graduate This also answers the question straightforwardly while providing the evidence.

“I have experience with blablabla and have a good understanding of blablabla, proven by blablabla,” he said.

However, the company’s HRD even responded with a sentence that was striking and made fresh graduate it’s annoying not playing.

“Yes, I can do it, fight for you to make it” interview, but we still need experienced. If you apply for a job, look at the conditions again, don’t waste time,” said the HRD.

Better Respect Jobseekers

Illustration of an interview (Photo: Resume Generator)

Meanwhile, according to him for size fresh graduate and job listings with 1-2 years of work experience are very reasonable.

“Yes, FG lists 1-2 years of experience in my opinion, it’s still pretty good” make sense yes,” he said.

Then, he regretted HRD’s attitude which he thought was very arrogant.

“And what if I don’t pass? screening what are you all calling? Please it’s HR don’t be rude,” he said.

Furthermore, fresh graduate the message is to understand the job seekers out there. Because, behind the job vacancies there is great hope from them.

“I think HR should also understand what’s behind it” apply the job tucked hope from job seeker” he concluded.

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Netizens Comment

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Freshgraduate illustration (Photo: Reciptext)

Meanwhile, for this upload, many netizens were furious with the HR attitude of company X.

“Tell the HR. What’s it to you. Can I apply for a job? If it doesn’t fit, why are you being called? Fun huh? Less work huh? Nothing to lose . Luckily, we don’t have a recruiter like that,” said @tjahjonoharry.

“It’s very emotional because it relates. I got an email that passed the administrative selection and an invitation to the TPA test for MT. Out of town position, I finally left at 1 pm on the bus alone just to hear ‘oh we didn’t look for your major, didn’t we read the req?’” said @Buhuyyuh.

“Hrd has inner whatsapp group whose contents are for ngebully, making jokes for the candidates. Maybe the sender was called and then recorded by the assistant to make a joke,” said @Kebanyakandinar.

go viral! Confessions of Fresh Graduates Humiliated Company HR: How Smart Are You Dare To Apply?

That’s a review about a fresh graduate who felt humiliated by the company’s HR. Have you guys had a similar experience? Write in the comments column yes.

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