How Strong is Your Internet Business Foundation?

I hope your condition is good. After enjoying the Eid al-Fitr holiday, hopefully you are now back refreshed and ready for ACTION to build your internet business. There is one important thing that I want to mention in this post, which is about business foundations. The strong foundation of your internet business is built with one thing. What’s that?

Success confidence!

Maybe you’ve often heard how important it is to have a belief in success. However, even though you’ve often heard it and maybe you’re bored, it doesn’t mean that the belief in success will always be lodged in you. There are times when the belief in success goes up, down, and maybe disappears without a trace. the unexpected, when confidence turns to uncertainty, when optimism turns to pessimismthen what usually happens is laziness, reluctant to ACTIONand a myriad of counter productive things can infect you.

Maybe it’s not easy to always maintain that sense of success. Including when at the beginning of starting an internet business.

But I’m sure anyone when they first jump into the internet business, not much knows what to do. Including me. At the beginning of the internet business, I did not understand the various terms of internet business that sounded foreign to my ears. Understandably, as an engineering graduate, I understand better how to design a building than building a business, especially an internet business.

But slowly, along the process that I did, through continuous learning and continuous ACTION, I came to understand. Various foreign terms of internet business that I had never heard in college, I slowly understood and took action. Until finally the results are like now.

One important lesson that I have concluded from what I have done for the past eight years, and in the early days of starting this internet business is:

To be successful in business, we need a strong business foundation!

Like buildings, the businesses we build need a foundation. And a strong determinant of whether or not the foundation we build comes from a strong belief in success. What I mean by belief in success includes a way of thinking, a perspective, a way of acting, and a way of ACTION.

Without a strong foundation, it is impossible for our internet business to grow and develop. What may have happened at least appeared but after that it was never heard from again for ever. Of course you do not want success for a moment right?

Therefore, always build your belief in success by learning and ACTION. Because the belief in success is like a lamp that always ignites the spirit within you. What makes you always have a sense of optimism that your life tomorrow will be better, much better, and getting better.

Hello cyber!

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