How the Instagram Algorithm 2020 Works for our business

How the Instagram Algorithm 2020 Works for our business

Are you a businessman who uses social media Instagram to market your products?

Do you experience low engagement and likes even though the number of followers is quite large?

How does the Instagram algorithm work and how does it work so that your posts don’t get any insight from followers?

So stop complaining, it’s time for you to learn the latest Instagram algorithm 2020. So that your posts and Instagram will generate more profit for the business you are running.

The Development of the Instagram Algorithm

If you are a businessman, there is nothing wrong with using Instagram as a marketing medium. Even in recent years, Instagram itself is a strategic and good place for business people. Because it is able to get followers who have the potential to become potential customers.

Now, many people complain about the unsatisfactory way the Instagram algorithm works, so Instagram itself continues to make changes to the Instagram algorithm. So that information is conveyed more effectively and connected in the community.

But recently the Instagram algorithm itself has changed, where many people have experienced things, such as a decrease in the number of reactions in the form of likes and comments, the two responses to Instagram stories are a bit different than usual, this is because Instagram enforces that your post is reached by 10% of the total number of your followers.


the content you post gets a lot of impressions, then the content will be shown again to your other followers.

But calm down, you don’t need to worry because the Instagram algorithm will not change every time, that’s because Instagram itself uses a machine learning method where Instagram will adapt automatically based on data about the activities that users do every time they open Instagram.


that you must know what are the interesting facts about the Instagram algorithm.
Facts about the Instagram algorithm

1. Instagram Algorithm Predicts How Careful a Post is

What you see in your Instagram feed or timeline, is not only based on the people you follow, but also based on what you like. That post will most likely appear at the top of your Instagram timeline. So what you see on the timeline is a combination of your behavior on Instagram. According to Instagram, the forms of interaction that most determine the order of feeds are likes, comments, shares and video views.

Instagram Algorithm Estimates Your Relationship with Followers

Instagram will prioritize posts from friends, family, or others that you like the most. So this algorithm is able to estimate who your closest followers are. As a businessman you must post content as often as possible, because it will form interactions with followers and of course your posts will be prioritized by Instagram.

3. Instagram Algorithm Pays Attention to Time

Not only that, it turns out that the Instagram algorithm also pays attention to when you post content. This is done because Instagram wants to show your latest posts. So you have to know when your followers are active on Instagram.

Instagram Algorithm Uses Frequency to Order Posts

Do you often open the Instagram application? If you frequent, then Instagram will display the best posts you see. But if you don’t do it regularly, Instagram will show you the posts you liked last time.

How the Instagram Algorithm 2020 Works for our business

5. Instagram Algorithm Records the Number of Accounts You Follow

How many people do you follow on Instagram? The more people you follow, then your Instagram will have a large selection of posts to display, so it’s likely that you won’t be able to see posts from every account.

6. Photos and Videos Are Treated Equally

The Instagram algorithm does not distinguish between posts in the form of photos or videos. But for those of you as a businessman, you should know that videos automatically have a longer duration and are able to get a lot of interaction than photos. So that this form is able to attract better interaction from your followers.

Fake Interactions Don’t Count

If you use bots or pods, such interactions will not be counted by Instagram, because with the machine learning method Instagram is able to detect fake interactions, such as these interactions.

8. All Comments Still Count As Interactions

Some think that comments that are less than 3 words will not be considered interactions by Instagram. This is a big mistake, because all comments are always considered interactions, even if only with an emoji. So that those of you who make Instagram a business, always reply to comments from your followers on Instagram.

9. All Account Types Are Treated Equal

There is no difference between a personal account or a business account. Because there are no posts from this type of account that are prioritized by Instagram.

10. The First 30 Minutes Have No Effect

Reportedly the first 30 minutes of interaction since the content is posted greatly affects the position of the Instagram algorithm, in fact this is wrong. Because Instagram itself has informed that the Instagram algorithm will display content to users who often interact with your account.

How the Instagram Algorithm 2020 Works for our business

Tips for Maximizing Instagram Algorithms

If you already know the facts above, it’s a good idea to know what you should do. That is, maximizing the content of your posts by following the rules of the Instagram algorithm. That way, your post will definitely get interaction from many people.

Post Quality Content Consistently

When you are able to post good and consistent content on Instagram, it means that you are not only increasing engagement, but you are giving a signal to the Instagram algorithm that your business account is a quality account. The more often, the more likely your followers to see you, and engage with the content you present.

Post when the followers are very active

You have to know very well when your followers are online, that way you can try to upload your best content. This will potentially get a lot of big interactions from followers. If you are confused, when is the right time and know the activity of your audience, then you can use the Instagram Insights feature to analyze your Instagram followers.

Build Interaction and Engagement, Not Just Adding Followers

Many business people think that the number of followers is important. You have to understand that interaction is much more important than a follower, for that you are required to start building interactions so that followers can appreciate you as a business that cares about your consumers. You can use the following methods, such as giveaways, holding a question and answer session (Q&A), replying to comments or dm. This method is believed to bring a positive response to your Instagram account.

Use the Right and Relevant Hashtags

You must already know that hashtags in a caption are the most effective way to reach many people on Instagram. With this, it is likely that many people will engage your content.

Use Live Video

The live video feature is able to invite you to interact more with followers. You can enter this video in your Instagram feed, so that many people can see it, explored by your followers and viewers on Instagram.

Offer free information and advice

Your account must be able to provide useful information, this is so that followers feel happy, so don’t just sell content. Doing business is okay, but you also have to care about many people in order to make your business more advanced. Present educational content according to the business you are running.

Use materials that are happening

Something that is trending is definitely able to grab a lot of attention from Instagram users. But what you have to remember is that the content that is happening still has something to do with the business you are running. With so many Instagram users who will be interested in your business.

Apply Influencer Marketing

If you have more budget, there’s nothing wrong with using Instagram influencer marketing to increase your engagement. You can make this a good intermediary that connects Instagram users with your business. Make sure the influencer marketing you choose has the same niche as your business. Because it increases business conversion opportunities.

Show Your Personal

Usually Instagram users are interested in behind-the-scenes content in your content creation process. Don’t forget to include a good caption, so Instagram users enjoy the content you present.

Now developing Instagram content is the most effective way to optimize the performance of the Instagram algorithm. That way, your business will be more advanced. Now you understand how to conquer the Instagram algorithm? Are you ready to become a successful businessman?