How to Activate Vivo V17 Pro Notification LED Without Application

How to Activate Vivo V17 Pro Notification LED Indicator Light – One of the Smartphone brands from the BBK group family, Vivo, has just introduced the Vivo V17 Pro. The high-end flagship phone as the successor to the V15 Pro, which was previously quite in demand and helped boost the ranking of the Chinese brand to fourth position in Indonesia’s Market Share & Shipment in the first quarter of 2019.

How to Activate Vivo V17 Pro Notification LED Indicator Light

Although the public assesses that the prices and specifications offered are very significantly different, some excellent and interesting features to use may be the main selling points of the Vivo V17 Pro Smartphone in Indonesia.

Users even often look for hidden tips and tricks for Vivo V17 like Vivo S1but the most sought after is the option to activate the Vivo V17 Pro Notification LED without having to bother fiddling with the phone to fiddle with the device’s built-in hardware or software.

He said it’s useless, 8GB RAM memory, sophisticated and super fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 SoC chipset suitable for playing games but there is no indicator light when we receive notifications of incoming messages, SMS, chatting, phone calls, browsing, streaming, charging and so on.

How to Activate Vivo V17 Pro Notification LED

For some people, the method of How to Activate the Vivo V17 Pro Notification LED is very important, especially those who often work in the office and are discussing in meetings if the light is blinking with a specific color, it means that there are new notifications.

So how to turn on the Vivo V17 Pro Notification LED? Is it possible to just turn it on without having to install additional applications from third-party developers? Many users have difficulty finding the location of the settings so that the LED lights are active. Maybe the following guide can help you, although it’s basically the same with settings turn on the Vivo Z1 Pro LED. The following trick can also be applied to Vivo Y17 / Vivo Y12 / Y15 / Y19.

First, from the Homescreen or the front page of your Smartphone display, enter the Settings menu. Then click More Settings, select Flash Notification Light Reminder, slide the toggle ON to Enable / turn it on.

Then activate the internet network, both cellular data and Wi-Fi connection, ask friends, girlfriends, relatives, family, crush, or ex to chat but previously your Vivo V17 Pro HP is in Standby, the screen is off but not disabled.

Check again if the tutorial on activating the Vivo V17 Pro Notification LED is successful then it will turn on by itself as soon as there is an incoming message. Or the simplest test is to turn off the phone and then plug the charger into a power outlet.

The charging/casing process should automatically turn on, the indicator light, and when it’s fully 100% Full Charged, how long does it take? About 2 hours with Fast Charging, the blinking color of the Notification LED changes.

To change the color of the Vivo V17 Pro Notification LED, you must install an application made by a developer from China, namely MC Koo Support called LED Light Manager 2, which can be installed for free via the Google Play Store.

The features are quite complete, there are default options for changing colors, the frequency of flashing lights, various uses for certain application options, the color is different when you get a notification. For example WhatsApp blue, if there is a red Missed Call, full charging is green, the charging process is yellow and so on.

Some people use alternative methods, namely buying lighted cellphone hangers to notification signal stickers. Both were indeed often used in the era before Android and iOS were popular in the past, these kinds of stickers were widely sold at Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Lazada. Even keychain lights have a variety of unique characters are also available in e-Commerce.


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