How to answer the reason for using qualitative methods, thesis fighters must listen – Student Zone – Hello, Friend Zona. As a final student who will undergo a thesis trial, there must have been a lot of preparation. One of them is to prepare answers about the reasons for using qualitative or quantitative research methods.

Because, questions about the research method will always be asked by the supervisor and examiner. Therefore, you must know the reasons for choosing this research method.

If you are confused about giving reasons, you can listen to Mimin’s review on how to answer the reasons for using related research methods. However, in this case Mimin will only review how to answer the question of reason using qualitative methods. Come on, just look at the reviews.

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Tricks to Answer Reasons to Use Qualitative Methods

Qualitative method (Photo: Dictio Community)

1. Qualitative Research Is Not For Testing Theory

The first way to answer the reason is to show that the qualitative method used is not intended to test or prove a theory. So, this method is not to test a hypothesis that comes from personal assumptions.

However, it is different if the theory used already exists, meaning that the answer must show that the research aims to describe a model or pattern.

2. Research is reviewed in detail

The second way is to mention that the research method you are using is trying to study or describe in depth the phenomenon under study. In this case, Sobat Zona can take an intense approach with an informant in order to obtain factual data.

3. Unique Phenomenon

Well, in this case you can also show that the case or phenomenon raised is unique and different from the others. Buddy Zona can also add by saying that the research made only describes the case that occurred and not to generalize or conclude.

How to answer the reason for using the qualitative method, thesis fighters must listen

That’s Mimin’s review of how to answer when the lecturer asks about the reasons for using qualitative methods.

Hopefully this review is useful for Friend Zone. Don’t forget to keep abreast of news about students and the world of lectures, and always turn on notifications. See you later.

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