How to Answer the Right Questions When Asked ‘What Are Your Weaknesses?’ at Job Interview – Student Zone – Hello, Zone Friends! Where are you guys? fresh graduate Are you ready to enter the world of work? Come on, Mimin will tell you how to answer the right questions when asked what your weaknesses are.interview work.

During a job interview, the recruiter will want to make sure if you are the right candidate to be accepted or not.

Therefore, they will ask various things to find out the abilities and mindset of the applicant. One of them is, what are your weaknesses? Just take a look at Mimin’s review below!

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Shouldn’t Be Said

Illustration of an answer that shouldn’t be said (Photo: Tokopedia)

When answering the question “what are your weaknesses” you should focus on yourself, and avoid criticizing others. Generally people also see soft skills and emotional intelligence to accept new employees.

If you don’t answer tactfully, like talking bad things about your boss or the old office even though it’s true, that could be a point of weakness.

Interview Practice

Illustration of studying interview (Photo: Merdeka)

It is very important for you to know the field first, before jumping into the battlefield. Therefore, it would be better if Zone Buddy prepared themselves before conducting the interview, by studying the things that are usually asked and their answers, when interview work.

Interview practice is very important, because it helps Zone Buddy not to get too attached to the results. Every time you interview, you are actually one step closer to getting a job and you will learn something new about yourself.

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Ideal Answer

Illustration of an ideal answer (Photo: Hipwee)

The ideal answer to the question “what are your weaknesses or weaknesses” is to uncover the flaws that you have corrected.

Don’t forget to explain how you handle it, for example through training, mentoring, seminars, and so on. Focus on weaknesses that don’t bring down or weaknesses that can be overcome in a positive way.

How to Answer the Right Questions When Asked ‘What Are Your Weaknesses?’ at Job Interview

Friend Zone, that was the way to answer the right question when asked what your weakness was interview work. Hope it is useful!

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