How to Answer Thesis Examiner’s Questions Who Blame Correct Answers – Student Zone – Hello, Zone Friends! Mimin again brings tips that are very useful for thesis fighters who will later go through a thesis trial, namely how to answer questions from the examiner who blames the correct answer.

Actually, there are several reasons behind the lecturer’s behavior. Some of them are to test our consistency in the presentation of research results and the theory we use, or just to make sure that students understand well the contents and layout of their thesis.

When faced with such a tester, how do you answer the question? Come on, read this review to the end!

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Don’t Cut The Lecturer’s Speech

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The first rule in answering a lecturer’s question who blames the correct answer is not to interrupt his speech when he asks it. If Zone Buddy cut him off, it would be a bad judgment for them and seem disrespectful.

Quite calm, nodding, while paying close attention to the questions he conveyed. After he is silent or invites you to answer, then answer the question with polite language and a soft tone.

Even though you want to snap and want to get angry back, Zone Buddy must stay calm.

Avoid Saying “But, Sir” or “Not really, Ma’am”

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Even though Zone Buddy is sure the answer is correct, don’t let you answer with the prefix “but sir” or “not really, ma’am”, because that also seems rude and he thinks you are fighting and bluffing.

Remember, even though he looks very annoying and you don’t want you to blame, don’t let you fight the lecturer, especially the thesis examiner, because it will affect your exam assessment.

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Say “Thanks for the Question and Feedback”

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How best to answer his question? First of all, thank you in advance for the questions and input, if there are criticisms or suggestions too.

By saying thank you, the examiner will feel appreciated and you will seem to pay close attention to what he has to say. Don’t forget to also do it with a short nod or smile and a slow, unobtrusive tone of voice.

Even though the original is already very upset and you want to express it, but because it’s in a decisive mood life and death Whether you pass or not, as much as possible, hold on to your frustration until the thesis exam ends.

Show the Right Answer

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Examiners usually have not read the entire contents of the thesis that you have collected. Maybe when he blames or accuses the thesis that you lack theory or whatever, even though you know it’s written in it by heart, then show him directly which answer is the right one.

For example, when he asks you to include theory A and you have included it, then Buddy Zone can say “the theory that you mean is already on the page… sir, ma’am. Please open it.”

If they have found it and see that it is listed, then you can continue what you want to explain in the thesis exam.

How to Answer Thesis Examiner’s Questions Who Blame the Correct Answer

Alright, Zone Buddy! A few tips from Mimin on how to answer a thesis examiner’s question who blames the correct answer. Hopefully the tips from Mimin are useful and enthusiastic for thesis fighters!

Mimin says goodbye, but before that, don’t forget to activate the Student Zone website notification for other interesting information about lectures and other students. See you later!

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