How to Apply for Instagram Blue Tick Verification

When surfing on social media, especially Instagram, of course you often see various names or accounts that have got the verified logo, aka the blue tick.

The purpose of giving the blue tick or verified logo is to make it easier for users on Instagram to find genuine accounts such as public figures, brands, brands, celebrities, celebgrams or other famous artists.

The blue tick exists because Instagram has confirmed the authenticity of the account that represents the public figure, celebrity or brand.

Until finally, not a few Instagram users are competing to get a verified logo or a blue tick on their personal account.

There are several important requirements to get a verified logo or blue tick in the Instagram application. What is certain is that you must comply with the requirements to get a tutorial on how to apply for Instagram blue tick verification, namely:

1. Unique. The personal account that you have must be unique and represent the existence of the person or business concerned, because there is only one account for each person or business that can be verified by Instagram.

Except for accounts with certain languages, Instagram itself will not verify general interest accounts that have certain languages.


style="white-space: pre;"> The account you have must also be complete, your personal account must be public and have a profile photo, bio, and at least one post.

Also make sure your profile can’t include add me links to other social media services. If your account is not complete, then you can complete the account you have to make it easier.

3. The third requirement is to be famous, you must be famous by representing a person, brand or entity that is well known and much sought after.


is so that Instagram when reviewing accounts displayed on various news sources and does not consider paid or promotional content as a source of review of the original account.

How to Apply for Instagram Blue Tick Verification


you can submit a blue tick verification to Instagram by following the steps that we have directed.

Make sure you follow every step we tell you, including the following:

1. You must make sure that you are logged into the account for which you want to submit a verified logo or blue tick.

2. Next is to click on the profile photo at the bottom right to open your personal profile.

3. You can click the three lines on the top right, then go to the settings or settings menu, then you can click on the account or account.

When it’s finished, you can click request verification or ask Instagram for verification by following the steps provided.

4. The fourth step is to enter your full name and provide the necessary identification evidence, such as a photo ID that has been officially issued by the government.


Instagram has reviewed the request for a verified logo or verification logo, then there will be a notification that will tell you that the account is verified or not.

You can submit a new request within 30 days if your request is rejected. If your account manages to get a verified logo or blue tick, you can remember the applicable regulations.

You have to remember that Instagram can easily revoke or delete at any time and anywhere and can even deactivate your personal account if you find a violation, such as advertising, redirecting, or selling the verified account you are using, or using the profile photo section. , bio or name for promotion of other services.

You will also be disabled if you are found to have registered a verification logo through a third party.

Who can Get the Blue Tick?

How to Apply for Instagram Blue Tick Verification

The social media application that is familiar to many people is Instagram, starting from teenagers, parents and even children using and playing this application.


presence of the Instagram application raises several new phenomena and terms such as celebrity or influence.

They are Instagram users who have a lot of followers or followers. The blue check for Instagram is marked with a blue tick or the verified status of the personal account.

The verification sign launched by Instagram is to ensure that the account is genuine and prevent fraud from being carried out by fake accounts.

Unfortunately, Instagram only verifies personal accounts of people who are considered sufficient and very important.

Currently, many blue ticks are attached to the Instagram accounts of artists, especially celebrities, you as an Instagram user may be curious about how to get a blue tick and who are the people or accounts that can get a blue tick.

You must have a very large number of followers or followers, or become famous online so that the blue tick is easy to get.

1. Celebrities, Athletes and Artists

Almost all rows of artist or celebrity accounts are verified by Instagram, of course being an artist is not difficult to get a blue tick.

Because the artist is a famous figure and a verified account will also make it easier for fans and fans to find the celebrity’s real account without fear of being fake.

It is also useful to avoid rogue elements who like to create fake accounts and use them for personal gain.

There are so many athletes and artists who have Instagram accounts, they also have the opportunity to get a blue tick.

But the condition is that you must be one of the famous athletes or artists who are known to many people, for example badminton athletes or other sports athletes. Because unpopular athletes will also have a hard time getting a blue tick.

2. Famous Brands and Community or Government Leaders

Many well-known product brands, both local and international, have Instagram accounts. The majority of them use it to develop and market their business so that they are more widely known by the public.

How to Apply for Instagram Blue Tick Verification

The famous brand must have been verified by Instagram so that consumers are not deceived by fake accounts that take advantage of it. The next requirement is community or government figures such as the president and ministers.

3. Hit Account

To become a hits account is fairly easy because you can create an interesting account with content that is of interest to many people, such as joke accounts, information accounts or accounts that provide various references for other users. This account is usually discussed by the public because of its fame.

4. Accounts with Surge of Followers and Fast Likes

Accounts with rapid spikes of followers and likes can be experienced by talent search contestants. Because many people are deliberately looking for their Instagram account to just stalk or even follow it.

Because then the owners of these accounts can also have the opportunity to be able to get a blue tick. In addition, celebgrams can also get a blue tick because these people are popular people on Instagram.

They also have the opportunity to get a blue tick and avoid things that can harm them. To get a blue tick, personal accounts that are duplicated by fake accounts are also easy to get blue ticks because Ig certainly asks for more personal personal data.