How to Buy Pampers from the Factory Directly

Pampers are a staple for today’s baby diapers. Especially for young mothers who do not want to be complicated and more efficient for the baby.

One of the opportunities that you can take from the widespread use of this diaper habit is the sale of diapers. But you have to know how to buy pampers from the factory so that the profits can be maximized.

The pampers business concept is actually quite simple. Especially if you currently have an outlet, store or even a target marketing pool for sales.

In buying pampers, if these mothers know, let alone can at an affordable price, surely your pampers can be sold out.

Selling pampers directly from the factory is indeed the only solution so that the pampers distributor business can get the maximum profit.

Even if you really want to take a look at this pampers selling business, now the opportunity is quite large.

Apart from that, there are still very few competitors. The target market is also clear, so let’s analyze how to buy pampers from factories and distributors both offline and online to make it more profitable.

style="text-align: left;">How to Buy Pampers from the Factory

There are two ways to get Pampers products, namely through offline channels and online channels. From each – each path is also still a lot of description in detail. Let’s discuss them one by one.

How to Buy Pampers from the Factory Offline

For the offline method, you directly communicate and relate to both the manufacturer and the distributor.

Using Distributors

There are many pampers distributors who offer reseller services. With this latest sales service feature, it is easier for most to get product stock.

There are many big stores as well as big dealers for various baby products, such as pampers.


make it easier to get reseller offers from Pampers products, you can look for them in places that have long been big and become the home for distributors. For example, Tanah Abang.

style="text-align: left;">Come to Exhibition

Any product, if it is still newly released, will use the exhibition event to promote the product. There will even be a separate pre-launch. If you are just launching all products, of course, it can be easily marketed.

Opportunities for competitors are also still few, considering that only a few products are known.

Via Factory Direct

If you live close to a Pampers factory, you can just come and offer to become a distributor agent. In fact, there will be many solutions if it is close to the factory directly.

The cost of transportation and resellers can be cheaper. Even if you have your own means of transportation, it can save more costs and time.

If you go directly to the related factory, your sales to the target market will also be more stable. remember you definitely know with time and stock that is always ready whenever needed.

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Through Advertisements in Magazines

Various magazines will certainly discuss all kinds of aspects, both trade, buying and selling and business units.

Try to see the various advertisements in the mass media. Who knows, there will be a distributor of pampers at a low price in the future.

Using the Online Method

If you are good at technology, then we think it is better to use online media both in finding product suppliers and target markets.

Target marketing using the internet can certainly reach various regions, even throughout the country.

Using Search Engines

Internet search engines can search for many things. For example, let’s say you are looking for selling pampers directly from the factory.

Later there will be many suppliers and distributors or even sales marketing from the factory directly for you to contact.

By using this method, of course, it can be more personal. And your relationship with the product can certainly get more benefits, because there are no intermediaries at all in the distribution process that you do.

Using Market Place

How to Buy Pampers from the Factory Directly


can use distributor stock through the existing marketplace. For example, Tokopedia, Shopee, Bukalapak and Lazada.

or use other marketplaces if the price can be profitable for you.

Through the B2B Market

The B2B market is a market for businesses to businesses. Like alibaba, now there are many industries and various distributors who have collaborated with B2B market service providers, you just have to look for them there.

Look for what you think the product can be profitable if you resell.

Through the Buying and Selling Forum

There are also many buying and selling forums. Even now, there have been many groups, channels and forums for distributors, resellers of various products.

If you are interested in opening a business opportunity to sell pampers directly from the factory, you can look for it in various forums.

For your own target marketing, you can adjust it to the environment or use the social media you have. You can also create accounts in various existing markets, then you sell them again.

If you already have your own store, both offline and online, you already have a target market capital. Until now, not many have become distributors of pampers.

How to buy pampers from the factory, it would be nice if you recognized the sales marketing directly from the related factory.

If possible, you can submit a proposal to become part time marketing of the products they make.

The clearest marketing targets are, of course, minimarkets, shops, supermarkets or providers of toddler needs.

Generally, it will usually be easier to sell if it is close to the target market. For example, near hospitals and health centers, or close to toddler associations such as PAUD and TK.

Basic Things Before Becoming a Pampers Reseller from the Factory

Before becoming a reseller of Pampers products, you should also know the quality and credibility of the related products.

Thus, you can be more flexible and easy in carrying out marketing techniques to consumers.

You need to know that if you want to become a factory distributor, you should also register as an official distributor.

Large-scale factories will usually use the tactics of official distributors and if they are not official they will usually be immediately rejected.

But don’t worry, because usually there are also those who will release goods or products directly from the factory, both officially and buying and selling. But it must be in large numbers to become a distributor.

Other tactics can also be tricked, for example, taking it from another market place and selling it in a similar market place. For example, take from Lazada and sell it to Shopee.

This is legal, you don’t even need stock or ready stock at the shipping department. Even only android capital can do it.

Now it has been explained in detail about how to buy pampers from the factory or want to go through a distributor.

Or maybe you will be the distributor yourself. However, the capital must also be strong and be able to take care of the official distributor permit with the related company.