How to Calculate BPJS Employment Balance, Can Use Bun Simulation


Mothers who want to withdraw the Old Age Security (JHT) should listen to the latest information. This is because the government through the Ministry of Manpower has updated the rules for disbursing BP Jamsostek or BPJS Employment.

The new regulation was released by the Minister of Manpower (Menaker) Ida Fauziyah and contained in the Regulation of the Minister of Manpower (Permenaker) of the Republic of Indonesia Number 2 of 2022 concerning Procedures and Requirements for Payment of Old Age Security Benefits.

In the new rule, the disbursement of 100 percent JHT can only be done if the participant is 56 years old, Mother. This is very different from the previous provisions, huh?

As you know, according to the previous rule, participants can withdraw JHT at any time if they have stopped working. Regulation of the Minister of Manpower Number 19 of 2015 states, JHT benefits are directly given to participants who resign and are paid in cash after passing a waiting period of 1 month starting from the date of the resignation letter from the company concerned.

As a result, the changes to the new rules have created pros and cons in society. Unions rejected the rule and asked for it to be repealed. Meanwhile, the Congress of the Alliance of Indonesian Trade Unions (KASBI) assessed that this new regulation did not make it easier for the community and actually made it difficult for workers.

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Apart from the pros and cons of the new rules for disbursing JHT, BPJS Employment balances can be disbursed in two ways, namely visiting the nearest branch office and online. There are various ways to calculate the JHT balance that you will receive when you withdraw it.

Old Age Security has benefits in the form of cash with the amount adjusted from the accumulation of all contributions that have been paid, plus the results of the development. The contribution in question comes from employee and company contributions that run during the working period.

One way to calculate the JHT balance that will be received is to use the simulator available on the official BP Jamsostek website at

When you open the site, you will find the simulation. There are a number of fields that need to be filled in, namely monthly wages, length of service, and starting balance. You only need to fill in the column to get the JHT balance to be disbursed.


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