How to Calculate the Menstrual Cycle to Find Out the Gestational Age, Let’s Try it Bun

Jakarta – Maybe there are mothers who do not know the gestational age usually lasts an average of 280 days (40 weeks). And, it is calculated from the first day of your last menstrual period (HPHT).

The first day of HPHT is considered the first day of pregnancy even though you may not be pregnant. Until about two weeks later the ovulation process occurs. Not infrequently the gestational age until the delivery process can be seen from the HPHT period, Mother.

As reported healthline, Calculating your child’s date of birth is not an exact science. Very few women actually give birth on their due date (HPL). So, although it’s important to know when your little one will be born, try not to get too hung up on that date.

quote Americanpregnancy, a pregnancy calculator by calculating the menstrual cycle is still very popularly used by mothers. Although there are many ways to plan the pregnancy you want, it is not certain.

It’s better if you use a pregnancy test that is more accurate if you still use manual calculations by remembering your menstrual cycle.

Then how do you do it? Here’s the guide as quoted from

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The formula for calculating the gestation period based on the menstrual cycle

The formula that is commonly used to calculate pregnancy based on the menstrual cycle was invented by Franz Karl Naegele, an obstetrician from Germany who lived in the 19th century. Although there are drawbacks because it can only be used by mothers with a menstrual cycle of 28 days, there is no harm in trying it. The method:

  1. First, determine the first day of your last menstrual period
  2. Next, count down 3 calendar months from that date.
  3. Finally, add 1 year and 7 days to the date.

For example, your last menstrual period started on February 9, 2022. Then count down the calendar to three months before February, which is November 9, 2022. Then add 1 year and 7 days, you will arrive on November 16, 2023, as your estimated HPL period.

This 3-step method is known as the Naegele formula and is based on a normal 28-day menstrual cycle. Therefore, your gestational age may have to be adjusted for a longer or shorter menstrual cycle.

What about mothers whose menstrual cycle is more than 28 days? You can try another calculation method on the next page. Click on Mother.

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