How to Change Laptop Wallpaper to Moving

How to Change Laptop Wallpaper

Windows laptop users are given the freedom to change the laptop background with various wallpaper images. How to change it is very easy. But for those who are not used to using Windows laptops, it might be a little confusing. That’s why we will provide a tutorial on how to change the laptop wallpaper in the following tutorial.

There are two types of wallpapers for laptops. The first is a static or non-moving image wallpaper. This type of wallpaper can use images in JPG or PNG format. Then the second is Live Wallpaper or moving wallpaper. But unfortunately Windows does not provide a Live Wallpaper feature. In order to use it must install a third party application.

Unlike a static wallpaper, Live Wallpaper doesn’t use an image as a background, but a video. For those who have a laptop with high specifications there is nothing wrong with using this wallpaper. Because this type of wallpaper can make your laptop slow because you have to play videos continuously.

Apart from making it slow, Live Wallpaper can also make a laptop battery wasteful. These are the consequences that must be borne if you change the laptop wallpaper to move. For those who don’t mind this, please try the tutorial on how to change the laptop wallpaper to move in the article the following.

How to Change Laptop Wallpaper to Moving

How to Change Laptop Wallpaper

1. Static Wallpapers

First, we will first provide a tutorial on how to change the laptop wallpaper with a static or non-moving image. The method is very easy. We are sure that most laptop users already know how.

The image format used can be JPG or PNG. Please first find the desired image. If you don’t have it, you can download it on Google or a laptop wallpaper provider site. After the image is successfully downloaded, then all that remains is to set it as wallpaper.

There are two ways that can be used. First, through the Set As Background feature which will appear when opening an image. Then the second through the Background menu in the Windows Personalization settings. Both are equally easy. To find out how, please follow the steps below.

Set As Background

How to Change Laptop Wallpaper to Moving
  1. Please open the downloaded image
  2. Then right click on the image object
  3. Then select Set As
  4. Then select Background
  5. After that, the laptop wallpaper will immediately be replaced with the selected image.

Personalization Windows

How to Change Laptop Wallpaper to Moving
  1. Go to Windows Desktop or main screen.
  2. Then right click, then select Personalize
  3. After that, you will enter the Personalization menu.
  4. Then select the Background menu
  5. Then click the Browse menu (Windows 10) or Browse Photos (Windows 11)
  6. Then find the image that will be used as wallpaper, then click Choose Picture
  7. Next the wallpaper will be replaced immediately.

The Personalization menu in Windows 11 and Windows 10 is slightly different. But in essence it’s the same. You only need to enter the Background menu, then select Browse to find an image that will be used as a background.

Windows also provides a feature to set the position and size of the image used as wallpaper. Please click on the section Choose a fitthen select the desired position and size.

2. Live Wallpaper

After knowing how to change the laptop wallpaper with static or non-moving images, then all you have to do is try using moving images (Live Wallpaper). In order to do this, you must use a third-party application. Because Windows does not provide a feature to change the wallpaper to move.

There are various applications that can be used. One of the best is the app called MLWapp. You can use this application for free. To download it, please open the official site

The site also provides a wide selection of videos that can be used as moving wallpapers. All videos can be downloaded for free. You can search for the desired video with HD resolution up to 4K.

Apart from, there are still lots of other Live Wallpaper download sites such as,,, and many others.

Please first download the video that will be used as a moving wallpaper. Then don’t forget to download the MLWapp application so you can use the downloaded video as wallpaper. After that, just follow each step below.

How to Change Laptop Wallpaper
  1. Download the MLWapp application, then install it on your laptop.
  2. Next open the installed MLWapp application.
  3. Then select the Add Video menu to add a video as wallpaper
  4. Then click the Browse button to search for videos
  5. Please select the video that was previously downloaded, then click Open
  6. After that, the laptop wallpaper will automatically change to moving.

Even though you have to use a third-party application, we don’t think it’s a problem. The important thing is that the appearance of the laptop is getting cooler. Besides, how to change the laptop wallpaper to move is very easy and can be applied to all versions of Windows.


From the tutorial above, we can conclude that how to change the wallpaper on a laptop is actually very easy. You can choose to use static wallpapers or moving images. If you are interested in using a moving image, you must first find a video that is used as wallpaper.

There are lots of sites that provide Live Wallpapers with various categories. You just have to download it, then use the application to set it as wallpaper. Please try it yourself and I hope this tutorial is useful. See also the previous article about How to Fix Xiaomi Stuck Logo Without PC and various other recent articles.