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March 28, 2017

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Maybe you’ve tried changing your WordPress username through the admin area dashboard. It’s just that, after you’ve tried many times, the username still can’t be changed. Don’t worry, you don’t have to worry. You can change your WordPress username easily. This tutorial will discuss two ways to change your WordPress username.

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What do you need?

Before proceeding to the steps in this tutorial, make sure that you:

  • Have access to the WordPress admin dashboard (Option 1)
  • Have access to your hosting cPanel (Option 2)

Option 1: How to Change your WordPress Username with a Plugin

This method is highly recommended if you have access to the WordPress admin dashboard. Please follow the steps below to change your WordPress username.


Please login to your WordPress admin dashboard, then please select menu Plugins > Add New.

how to change wordpress username

2. Install the plugin Username Changer. Type “username changer” without the quotes in the search field and click the button Install Now. After the installation process is complete, activate the plugin by pressing the button Activate.

change username


After the plugin is active, please select the menu Users > All Users and click Edit on the username you want to change.

edit wordpress username


Please select the username you want to change, then on the line Username please click Change Usernameand please replace it with the new username you want, don’t forget to click the button Save Username.

change username

5. In this way you have successfully changed your username via the WordPress dashboard. After that you will be asked to log back into the admin area dashboard. At this stage, please log back in using your new username.

Option 2: How to Change WordPress Username Via phpMyAdmin

[ecko_alert color=”gray”]IMPORTANT – Before you start, it is recommended to backup the MySQL database first. Please follow the tutorial following to backup MySQL database.[/ecko_alert]

If you don’t have access to the WordPress admin dashboard, you can change your username via phpMyAdmin.


Login to your hosting control panel and click menu phpMyAdmin which is in the category Databases.

how to change username

2. The MySQL database will be visible on the left phpMyAdmin. Please select the database that is linked to your website. (If you don’t know exactly what database is connected, please check via File Manager in cPanel on file wp-config.php which is located in the main folder of your website)

wordpress database

3. Please click the table wp_users (for table prefixes do not always start with wp_)

wordpress users

4. Please click the button Edit near the username you want to create. This example will change the username admin.

change blog username

5. Please enter a new username in the column user_login

and click the button Go.

wordpress usernames

6. You will see a success message when the username has been changed.

new wordpress user

To check the changes, please login to your WordPress admin dashboard using your new username. If there is a problem logging in, please ask your hosting support staff for help.


You can do two ways to change your WordPress username. WordPress does not provide a menu to change the username. However, you can still change it via phpMyAdmin or by installing a plugin.

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