How to Change Youtube Channel Currency

RahmanCyber.NET | Youtube – Currently, YouTube is very popular as a channel for video providers from various content creators around the world.. except Antarctica and Arctic hehe, that’s me South Pole and The North Pole.. so Antarctica is the South Pole, well… while the Arctic is the North Pole, both of which come from Ancient Greek.. Arktikos which means North and Antartikos which means South

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So, next time we’re not going to talk about geography… but YOUTUBE…

That is one example of youtube content that discusses Geographical knowledge… ๐Ÿ˜€

On this occasion, we will discuss how to change the Youtube Channel Currency..

But even so.. it should be made a note..

Choose the currency unit you would want to see in YouTube Studio. This does not change the payout currency which is set in your Google AdSense Account โ€“ If you’re paid in the same currency, the amount displayed here may still differ from the final payment due to different exchange rates applied.

Those are the notes for this guide…

So even if we change the Currency in the Youtube Studio.. this is only an estimate in the value of the intended currency.. and has no effect on your Google Adsense payout…

So for example in Google Adsense the currency is Indonesia, and we change the currency section in Youtube Studio.. then this will only have an impact on the appearance on Youtube Studio only, if we change from IDR to USD…

Then the estimates on the Youtube dashboard will be converted to Dollars… but… the Payout will adjust the adsense account currency later…

Usually for Google Adsense output now that registers from Indonesia will have Indonesian currency / IDR

Guide on How to Change Youtube Channel Currency:

Here is a Youtube guide How to change Currency / Currency Youtube Channel in the new Youtube Studio View..

1. Please go to

2. Please go to the Settings / Settings section

youtube settings

3. After that in the Settings window that appears, select General, then click the option box USD

or the value corresponds to the previous one, if before IDR, there the options will appear IDR.


That is the setting display Currency mine, still USDmeaning that later it will appear in the Monetization (if already accepted by Youtube Partner) will Dollars.

4. Here I will change it to IDR Rupiahthen all I need to do is select the Options, as follows..

Setting Currency IDR IDR

5. If you have, can directly save by pressing Save button or Save

Advantages of Changing Youtube Channel Currency

The advantage is, we can think of ira, or some kind of currency converter.. our income on youtube is in the currency of another country..

So we don’t need to install the Currency Converter Application or convert currency on the web.. we just need to change it through this section..


this is much simpler.. no need to type again..

Curious how much you earn in Japanese currency? Just change the currency… That’s it!

It’s very simple thing guys!

Oh yes.. friends, if you are on YouTube… you need to pay attention to don’t post banned youtube content, because it will cause you to be banned… what are the criteria?

May be useful.

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