How to Check Axis Internet Package Quota Remaining (Complete)

How to Check Axis Internet Package Quota Remaining (Complete)

How to Check Axis Quota

Now there are more and more types of Axis internet packages, from cheap to expensive, with the large amount of internet quota we have, sometimes we forget to check the remaining data. Like the card I’m currently using with a main quota of 3GB, it’s quite a lot and I really depend that it will last long enough with an active period of 2 months.

Because the tofu only uses it, so when it runs out we might be surprised if the network suddenly slows down until it doesn’t work anymore. If you’re just browsing, you don’t seem so surprised, but if you’re downloading, which has run up to 99% of the internet quota, it runs out? I want to buy again but it’s late, it’s our fault because we don’t check the quota regularly.

If we look at 2019 and the previous year, internet users continue to increase, of course it can’t be separated from the internet package every day for playing social media, streaming, and much more.

And here what I will convey is how to check the Axis card’s internet quota, because it seems that there are still many who don’t know it.

Axis cards are currently relatively cheap in internet packages, so many are switching to using these cards. For those of you who happen to be using an Axis card but don’t know how to check the remaining quota, you must know this. Therefore will tell you how it can be done in full via SMS, telephone, application, or website.

Check Axis Quota Remaining

1. First, we can directly check through the code dial / press the button *123# on your Smartphone.

2. Then select menu MyInfo

3. Select Check Quota > select Check Quota again

axis quota check dial code

4. After that, determine the package, you are currently using the BRONET package which is your choice to check for the remaining internet package data.

5. Further details will be given to how much of our Axis internet package’s remaining cost, with a text that reads something like this “Your remaining 24Hour 3GB 60hr BRONET Package quota … GB in main quota up to …. Info838

An easier and more practical way to check the remaining Axis Card Internet Package Quota is through the dial menu.

*889*1# to check the first choice BRONET package
*889*2# to check the second choice BRONET package

Check Axis Quota via Application

Or if you use the AXISnet application on Android, you just have to activate the data and then open the application, wait a few moments until the loading is complete, then the remaining data, credit and Axis numbers will be immediately visible, for more details, follow these steps.

1. Open the Play Store, then download and install the AXISnet application

2. After the application is installed, you run, follow the instructions, enter the Axis number and then verify the data. After you are successful, you will immediately see the detailed info on the remaining quota. Also with the application can be easily filled internet quota and pulse.

Axisnet app

How to Check AXIS Internet Quota via SMS

I don’t know if this method is still running or not, because I checked Axis internet quota via sms recently, it just keeps failing, always the answer “Sorry, the service with the keyword Quota is not available”. Is it because this service is no longer available?

If you are curious about whether this service is still running or not, it can be done by checking AXIS internet quota via SMS: type Quota send to 123.

Thus, after you know how to check the remaining quota of the complete Axis card internet package above, at least if you want to download a large file to check the quota side first.

And additional information that the Axis internet package for the night is twice the price of the day package, you know, the name of the OBOR package, you can read in full How to Activate the AXIS Torch Package with 5GB, 10GB, and 15GB quota.

So, until here, I hope the above method can help and provide the latest information that is useful for all of you, especially Axis users. Don’t forget to share it with your friends’ gardens, thank you.

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