How to Check Fraud Accounts Online, so you are not easily fooled

RahmanCyber ​​NET | Internet – Hello, all kind-hearted visitors.. hehe, this time at RahmanCyber ​​Technology, we talk about fraud, why is this being discussed? because I think it’s important .. and why are you suddenly discussing this, because now there are so many suddenly on the cellphone there are lots of SMS “YOU WIN A GIFT!” which in the end is told to transfer some money, whether it’s for administration or shipping costs.

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And here I don’t want all of my visitors to experience that..

Not only gift SMS, friends, you need to be aware or alert when buying goods online, in fact you can see the reputation of the seller, especially if you are already in the marketplace, the chances of being deceived are somewhat reduced… but still we need to alert.

Well, here I share how check Fraud Account online.

Ministry of Communication and Information (Kemenkominfo) has launched a site that contains user complaints against fraudulent accounts, so the concept is, like a collection of reports, of people who have experienced being scammed… then report on that site to be used as a reference for other users.

The site is which was launched around 2018.

check fraudulent account

Indeed, there are several procedures for reporting, moreover there must also be evidence to be validly verified.

Meanwhile, those of you who want to check can directly check the account on the account check website mentioned above, when you have entered the account number you want to check, the system will lookup or look for the similarity of the unique data, whether it is in the database or not, if it turns out there is, then the details will be displayed, yes, like if you use the academic information system, search by number, so if this is based on account.


you find the account, it will show how many complaints there are, you can also check how many reports have been verified by the system.

From my own observation, this site is quite helpful, especially as a precaution so that we as a society are not easily fooled.


itself is not limited to only being carried out by the public, but also by law enforcement officers, banks and e-commerce site managers.

What if your account is reported by an irresponsible party…?

Don’t worry, you can make a rebuttal on the site, so you can clear your name.

Okay.. just go to the TKP.. hehe, I hope this information is useful for you ^_^


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