How to Choose the Right Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin

Choosing a facial moisturizer for sensitive skin should not be done carelessly. Come on, read how in this article!

There are many ways to keep facial skin moisturised to keep it healthy, attractive and most importantly not to disappoint because the results are not satisfactory. One of them by using a moisturizer after washing your face or before going to bed at night. But do you know, tips or how to choose a facial moisturizer for sensitive skin?

Sensitive facial skin demands extra attention from you. Not all moisturizers are suitable for you to use. Because, using moisturizers carelessly risks making your facial skin condition worse. Your facial skin can be red, blotchy, or irritated.

For that, you should pay attention to the following tips before choosing a facial moisturizer for your sensitive skin:

1. Look for Moisturizing Products that are based on Oil


Sensitive skin is caused by a lack of oil in the skin. The causative factors are various. Increasing age will generally affect oil production. The activities you do also have an effect, including the food you consume.

Oil or oil is the most recommended moisturizing ingredient for sensitive skin. The reason is, sensitive skin requires additional oil from the outside with high enough levels. With this oil-based moisturizer, irritation or itching of the skin can be prevented.

2. Look for a moisturizer with a little composition

Irritated skin should receive special treatment. This is the reason you should choose a moisturizer that doesn’t have much composition. The more ingredients used for moisturizer, the more the potential to irritate the skin.

To minimize this, the only way is to find a moisturizer with the least composition. Try first! If it fits, continue to use it consistently.

3. Make sure the moisturizer doesn’t contain parabens


The function of parabens is actually for preservatives in a product, including moisturizers. With the addition of parabens, a product will last longer. Parabens help maintain product quality even though the distance between production and use is quite far.

However, the use of parabens is actually considered dangerous. For pregnant women, the use of beauty products containing parabens is not allowed. Likewise, for those of you who have sensitive skin, products containing parabens have the potential to cause bigger problems for your facial skin.

4. Choose a moisturizer that contains SPF


SPF serves to protect the skin from sunburn. Then why are you who have sensitive skin advised to choose a moisturizer with SPF content?

You see, the hot sun can make the moisture of your sensitive skin even more eroded. Therefore, your skin needs protection. One of them with the use of SPF. Therefore, using a moisturizer that contains SPF is very beneficial for you, especially if your facial skin is classified as very sensitive.

How to know your moisturizer is suitable or not for your facial skin

Whether or not a moisturizing product is suitable for your skin can only be known by trying it. Everything that has been stated above can indeed be a benchmark. However, that benchmark will not be enough to determine whether a moisturizing product is suitable for your skin or not.

Then, how to try it? Isn’t it dangerous? You can try a little first. Apply the moisturizing product of your choice to the skin behind your ear. Leave it for 24 hours. See what happens after. If there is no itching or irritation, it means you are suitable to use this moisturizing product.

Use the moisturizer especially after bathing and before going to bed. Bath soap will generally dry out your skin, especially if you take a warm shower. Moisturizer will help your skin to stay healthy and free from irritation.

So, you already understand, right, how to choose a facial moisturizer for sensitive skin?

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