How to Cloning Objects and Creating Pattern Designs in Inkscape

As Graphic Design Software vector-based, inkscape is also not left behind with software other vector processors, such as Cloninghmmm this is more than just a duplicate huh.. or copy pastebut rather.. cloning function like kagebunshin no jutsu..


*Kagebunshin no Jutsu is a doubling move that Naruto managed to master thanks to stealing the Hokage’s secret scroll. He can control perfectly, because of the power Kyubi which gives a large chakra in Naruto’s body

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Function Cloning in Inkscape

So you can do Pattern easy to use function clone which is in Inkscape. For example you like Tile? this is the right function for that… if you play in textiles.

How to do Cloning in Inkscape.

1. Make a Shape/Object first

You need to create an object first, can use tools there is, if you have trouble, you can go to the previous discussion about inkscape “making rectangles in inkscape”

2. Please you Grouping become an object object that you want to Cloning

you can do Group for objects that you want to be duplicated, please remove the objects that you don’t want to be duplicated, so that what remains is the object that you really want to create as a master pattern which will later be reproduced. clone. To do groupeasy way

  • Object selection
  • Right click > select “Group”, or you can directly press “CTRL+G” on your keyboard.

So, the object should be in the form of a Group before we go to the next stage..

object selection in inkscape
Object Selection Process (still looks split)
how to group objects in inkscape
Right click on the selected object > Group

grouping objects in inkscape
After the objects are successfully grouped, they will merge

3. Show Window Cloning Tiled

The next step, you can display the Window Cloningthat is to set parameters for object duplication.

The method,

  • Please go to Menu “Edit”
  • Please Select “Clone” > Then Select “Create Tiled Clones”
clone in inkscape
How to Show Window Clone

4. Arrange Cloning Parameters which are desired

After you click “Create Tiled Clones” then a window will appear Create Tiled Clones which is usually on the right.

clone window

there are tabs “Symmetry”, “Shift”, “Scale”, “Rotation”, “Blur&Opacity”, “Color”, “Trace”

For this discussion, we will just make simple cloning tiles, so on the Symmetry tab we select “P1:Simple translation

after that the most important part is the “Apply to tiled clones“there is Rows, columns which is useful for adjusting the amount clone on rows and columns.

You can use the – and + buttons to add and subtract values, or you can type the value directly (eg to replace the number 4 with the number you want…

That is the number of doubling later…

If you have finished setting parameterplease first click the object that you grouped earlier, then click the “Create” button

cloning in inkscape software open source vector
Cloning results with the value of Column 4 and Row 4

It’s done, we’ve managed to do it Cloning Objects and Create Pattern.

Closing Discussion CloningObject Duplication to create Design Pattern in Inkscape

It’s easy enough for clone object in inkscapehaha

btw, if you only want to clone 1, you can click the “Clone” or press “Alt+D” on the Keyboard you

clone in inkscape
How to Show Window Clone

That’s the function clone what you can do in Inkscape to create a Pattern design or Pattern which you can use for various needs.

Next, you can tinker with the tiled variation function on the other tabs, “Shift”, “Scale”, “Rotation”, “Blur&Opacity”, “Color”, “Trace”.

For this tutorial, it is a basic tutorial, the target/achievement is…

you can do Cloning Object and create a simple Pattern.

That’s all, hope it’s useful, see you next time Graphic Design Tutorial more RahmanCyber.NET

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