How to Connect IG to FB, It’s Really Easy 5 Minutes!

How to connect IG (Instagram) to FB (Facebook)? Just follow these steps, it’s really easy. It’s not even 5 minutes!

Instagram and Facebook is a very popular social media and is liked by many people, not only in Indonesia but throughout the world.

Did you know, it turns out that these two social media are covered by the same company. Yep! In 2012, the company Facebook bought Instagram.

I’m sure you already have an IG and FB account right? Well, you should just link the two accounts.

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Why should I connect my IG account to FB?

There are several advantages that you will get if you link your IG account to FB, namely:

  1. Post automatically. This is the most useful feature in my opinion. You no longer need to post separately on the two accounts. When the IG account is connected to FB, the posts you make on Instagram will immediately appear on Facebook. So it saves time and energy too!
  2. Attract more audience. Instead of just appearing on one social media, it’s better to be active on various social media for interesting opportunities audience bigger too. For example, if you have a business on lineJust promote it to all social media. The viewer will also be more.
  3. Look more active. Sometimes managing just one social account is already complicated, especially if you have several. I personally also rarely open FB too. By linking these two accounts, my FB still looks active because there are posts that appear when I post on IG.
  4. Help when forgetting password. With so many social media accounts, emails, etc., we don’t escape situations where we forget our account passwords. Well, when the two accounts are connected, then you can login to IG using FB too.

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How to connect IG account to FB

Just follow these steps using HP as a way to connect IG to FB:

1. Enter the Instagram app and login to personal account you.

2. Select a profile account at the bottom of the far right corner.

3. Select the three-line symbol in the upper right corner.

how to connect instagram to facebook

4. Select the “settings” section

how to connect fb account to ig

5. Select the “account” section

how to connect facebook to instagram

6. Select the “linked accounts” section

how to connect fb to ig

7. Select the “link account” section and select “Facebook”

how to link ig account to fb

8. A pop up will appear for give permission to Instagram to access Facebook account. Continue.

How to Connect IG to FB, It's Really Easy 5 Minutes!

9. An option appears to link IG to “Facebook Profile” or “Facebook page”. Select the desired one.

connect instagram to facebook

10. Select the “Share your story to Facebook” button so that you can automatically share IG photos or videos to FB.

how to link ig to fb


That’s roughly how to connect or link an IG (Instagram) account to FB (Facebook). It’s easy?

Apart from Facebook you can also link Instagram to Twitter as well. It’s pretty much the same way. Oh yes, you can only connect IG to FB via an application on your cellphone. If you use a laptop or desktop, you can’t.

To unlink, just click on the “Unlink Account” section. Meanwhile, to know that your IG post will be shared automatically to FB, when you post on IG, at the bottom of the description column there is “Facebook” and the button is blue.

Alright! safe connect your IG and FB! Post often, don’t forget to follow my IG too!

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