How to Convert / Convert Text Fonts to Outlines or Objects in Adobe Illustrator CC

Learning Adobe Illustrator this time actually includes basic too, how to change text into outline / object / curve path (I said curve, because the path is a lot of curved fonts.. hehe)… We only need a few steps, so it looks like our article this time is quite short… the important thing is to add an article shelf in “Adobe Illustrator Learning

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Why does it need to be turned into an object?

Actually there is no problem if we really use it only on our computers, because of course we use font which is installed on our computer without any problems, even for printing.

But what if you want collaboration, for example, you want to print the document/design elsewhere? or in other words it will be opened later on a different computer?

Not infrequently if the target computer does not have the font installed which we use for the design, it will display a Missing font warning, or it can’t be changed again, It could also be later because the printing officer doesn’t know about our design (we just run away without checking, and after printing it turns out the result is different, the font changes )

Yes, this is because the font in the substitute / was replaced with the printer’s computer’s default font earlier…

Then what if all our work is done online? including sending files to the client?

Of course so that the font does not change, we need to make it a curve or outline.

If you play Microstock

Yup, this has become a common thing and must be known by designers who try their luck on the Microstock Site, meaning that if you upload an eps or vector file without changing the text to outline / curve, then the design you upload will be rejected (Shutterstock), some microstocks do provide leeway with having to include the font used.

How to Turn Text into Outlines / Objects in Adobe Illustrator

To make it easier to understand, we will start stepits from zero

1. Open Adobe Illustrator

2. Create New Document / CTRL+Nplease set the canvas size… in the image I include below, I use custom 5000px x 5000px, I usually use this to make a logo… you are free to use what size. After finishing setting, you can click create

how to create a new document in adobe illustrator

After that, you will be immediately confronted with the work area adobe illustrator. Go ahead, you choose Text which is symbolized by the “T” icon on the Toolboxas I have circled in the picture, after that you just go to the canvas (white field) to write text.

make adobe illustrator text

Examples like this…

I wrote “Brand Logo”

make adobe illustrator text

If so, you can directly click move tool / selection tool to end editing.. just click selection tool like this picture..

(Make sure that after editing the object, you can immediately switch to selection tool)

selection tool adobe illustrator

or you can use the shortcut “v” on the keyboard

After that, click on the text / object who want to make an outline

create text outline adobe illustrator

Please go straight to Type -> Create Outlines on the menu bar.

You can also do it using a keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+O (for windows) or CMD+SHIFT+O (for macs).

After that…

Yey! The conversion is complete… the sign? when you click click on the text, then you will find the letters have been separated like this with dots / paths…

text finish to be curve in adobe illustrator


We’re done convert text to outline . curve.

Now you don’t have to worry about printing anywhere else… 🙂 or you don’t see a rejection stating that the text should be changed to curves/outlines.

So, hopefully useful.

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