How to Create a News Website with WordPress

Most people might think that news websites can only be created by big media companies. Even though anyone can now easily create a news website, including you.

News websites don’t always have to contain national news like most online media. You can create a news website that focuses on a particular issue/topic or a particular area. For example, if you have a great interest in technology, you could create a news website that focuses on that topic.

Another example, you can also create a news website that focuses on publishing news in a particular area. The opportunity to create a news website like this is quite large, considering that the majority of Indonesian online media are too focused on reporting in the Jakarta area and its surroundings.

If you live in an area that is still rarely reached by mainstream media, you can create a news website for your area. It’s not impossible that your website can be as famous as mainstream news websites today. For example, a news website news

You don’t need to be a developer to create a news website. By using WordPress, you can create a news website as good as a mainstream news website. WordPress is the solution for anyone who wants to create a website without the need to understand coding at all.


need to worry about the quality of a website created using WordPress. There are many well-known news websites that use WordPress, one of which is The New York Times.

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You can also create a news website like The New York Times using WordPress. Below I will explain how to easily create a news website using WordPress.

How to Create a News Website with WordPress (7 Steps)

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By using WordPress, you can create a high-quality news website. Here’s how to create a news website with WordPress in seven steps:

id="h-1-tentukan-topik-utama">1. Determine the Main Topic

The first step you need to do in creating a news website is to determine the main topic to be discussed. Look for interesting topics that have not been discussed by mainstream news websites.

Do your research first and find interesting topics that have the potential to bring in readers, but still haven’t earned their rightful place in mainstream online media. There are still many interesting topics that can be explored more deeply for a news website.

You can use the help of keyword research tools to find trending patterns for a topic. There are many keyword research tools that you can use, from free to paid. Some of them are Google Trends, UberSuggest, and Ahrefs.

For example, the topic of traveling on mainstream news websites has not reported much about anti-mainstream tourist objects. You can take this opportunity to create a travel news website, especially for tourist objects that have not been visited by many tourists.

id="h-2-pilih-domain-dan-hosting">2. Choose Domain and Hosting

To create a news website using WordPress, you need buy domain and hosting so that the website can be accessed online. Domain is the website address used by visitors to access your website such as,,, or

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On the other hand, hosting is a service that serves to store all website files online. All content, articles, images, themes, plugins, widgets, and other website components are stored in web hosting service.

You can buy a domain and hosting in one package. Even for purchasing a specific domain hosting package, you can get a free domain forever. In addition, you can also install WordPress automatically. Here’s an example of how to buy a domain and hosting:

Go to Niagahoster Website

How to Create a News Website

There are four hosting packages that you can choose from, from Baby Packages, Student Packages, Personal Packages, and Business Packages. Choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.

id="h-pilih-durasi-sewa-hosting">– Choose Hosting Rental Duration

How to Create a News Website

Determine the duration of the hosting rental according to your needs. Check Auto Install WordPress if you want WordPress to be installed automatically when hosting and domain are active.

– Define Domain Name

How to Create a News Website

In this hosting rental package you get a free domain forever. If you don’t have a domain yet, type the domain name you want until a Domain Available notification appears

– Make Payments

How to Create a News Website

If your domain name is declared available, you can proceed to payment. After you make a payment according to the nominal on the bill, then in a few minutes your instant website is active.

3. Choose Theme

In the previous step, you installed WordPress automatically. If WordPress is already installed, you can directly access the WordPress dashboard via the Admin Login URL such as

Enter the username and password listed in the email in the Website Account Information section then click Login. You can change the username and password on the dashboard according to your wishes.

After successful login, select menu Appearance > Themes to install a WordPress theme.

How to Create a News Website

Then you will be directed to the theme menu. Click Add New to add a new theme.

How to Create a News Website

You can search for the WordPress theme you want through the search field as below:

How to Create a News Website

You can also use WordPress themes from third parties through the features Upload Theme. You can download a theme from a theme provider site other than WordPress and upload it to your WordPress.

There are many choices of WordPress themes that can be used for news websites. Usually news websites use a magazine type WordPress theme. Some of the widely used magazine type WordPress themes are NewsMag, Hueman, ColorMag, MH Magazine Lite, and News Anchor.

Find more WordPress theme options for your news website in the article 50 Cool and SEO Friendly Blog Templates.

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4. Install Important Plugins

Plugins are one of the most important features of WordPress. By using plugins, you can add various useful features on your website. You want to add social media share buttons? Install social media plugins. Need security features? You can use a security plugin.

There are many plugins that you can install on your website. Here are some important plugins that you must install on your news website.

– SEO Plugins

As a news source, of course, your website must be easily found by searchers on Google. When typing in keywords related to the topic you are discussing, your news website should appear in Google search results.

To be able to achieve the above, you need to build strong SEO on your news website. There are several plugins that can help you improve the quality of your SEO. Some of them are Yoast SEO, Broken Link Checker, Redirection, and W3 Total Cache. You can read the full explanation in the article on the best WordPress SEO plugins.

– Security Plugins

Security is a major concern on all websites, including news websites. The internet can be a very dangerous place for websites if you don’t provide proper protection.

One way to provide protection for your website is to install a security plugin. WordPress security plugins can protect your website from malware, hacking, or brute force attacks.

Many plugins provide various security features. Some provide overall security features, some only provide security features at the bottom

– Mobile Plugins

Considering that the majority of Indonesian internet users access the internet via mobile devices, you need to provide a mobile friendly website. With a mobile friendly website, visitors will find it easier and faster to access your news website from their mobile device.

Unfortunately not all WordPress themes automatically provide a mobile version. However, there is no need to worry because you can solve this problem using a plugin. There are many mobile plugins that can help you make your news website more mobile friendly.

Download 8+ Best WordPress Mobile Plugins

– Social Media Plugins

Social media plugins are also one of those plugins that you should not ignore. By using social media plugins, you can add share buttons and social media profiles on news websites.

There are at least 30 social media plugins that we recommend to add share features or social media profiles on your news website. Each plugin has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can choose one of the 30 best WordPress social media plugins in this article.

– Backup Plugins

You also need a backup feature to anticipate if things happen that cause your website data to be lost. With

5. SEO Optimization

Good quality SEO is a must for all websites, including your news website. With good quality SEO, your news website will be easier to find in Google search results.

In addition to installing the SEO plugin as explained in the previous step, there are still many optimization steps that you need to do to improve the SEO quality of your news website.

From creating a sitemap, keyword research, image optimization, internal link optimization, backlink quality, and much more. You can find more details in the ebook 30 Powerful Steps of SEO Optimization 2020.

SEO optimization ebook

6. Speed ​​Optimization

Speed ​​is one of the important factors that determine the satisfaction of your news website visitors. The slower the loading of the news website, the lower the satisfaction level of your website visitors.

According to Google research, 53 percent of Indonesian internet users leave websites that take more than 3 seconds to load. In addition, once visitors experience long loading on your website, they are more likely not to come back to visit your website. Based on a KissMetric survey, 79 percent of visitors will not return to a website that they consider to be long loading.

Website speed optimization consists of various steps, from image optimization, caching activation, configuration, plugins, and others. Get a more complete explanation in the ebook 20+ Tips to Make WordPress Super Fast.

7. Create Quality Content

Nothing is more important than quality content for a news website. Without high-quality content, your news website will find it difficult to win the competition among news websites and other online media.

What kind of content can be considered quality content? Quality content is content that is complete and able to answer the questions of website visitors. When people search for a keyword on Google, they expect to get an answer or a solution.

So make sure you give the right answer to your news website visitors. There are many tips that you can apply to create quality content, from keyword research to using visual media. You can read more in the article on how to write SEO friendly articles.


Creating a news website can indeed be done by anyone, but that doesn’t mean you make it carelessly without proper planning and management. By creating a news website with a good theme, good SEO quality, and quality content will help you win the competition with other news websites.

After creating a quality news website, you can make money by working with companies for product endorsements. Apart from that, you can also earn from Google AdSense.

Monetization of news websites can be done in various ways. The most important thing is to always make the satisfaction of readers or website visitors a consideration in every development of your news website. Good luck!

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