How to Create IMS and SCORM Interactive Education Materials (e-Learning) to Upload on LMS Moodle

Scorm is an abbreviation of Sharable Content Object Reference Modelso this is a collection of standards and specifications for educational technology based on web electronics.

There are several advantages of SCORM One of them is e-learning content becomes more interesting and can be interactive for lecturers and students.


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SCORM Package can be uploaded at Web LMS (Learning Management System) / Learning Management System (LMS).

There are so many LMS

the most famous is Moodle,

Moodle is a CMS that focuses on providing education, it can be accessed at moodle.orgThis CMS is widely used in educational institutions, whether it is basic education or higher education.

What is a CMS? is it the same as CMS WordPress?

Especially during a pandemic like this, the use of moodle become very massive, but is it only Moodle for LMS? no dong, there are many besides Moodle.

Blackboard CourseSites (, Schoology (, Latitude Learning (, Academy Of Mine (http://www., LRN (, eFront (, Dokeos (, Sakai (https:// /, ATutor(, ILIAS (

But what is the most familiar?

for me is moodle.

With Moodle CMS that you can install on Web Hostingyou can have your own learning media, which can also be used independently for your educational institution.

Then in accordance with the title of this discussion, we discuss about one of the Resource Module the one in Moodle, namely SCORM Packageso in addition to the teacher can upload Files / Learning Resources in the form of IMS Package or create an activity with Score Package.

Then how to make it IMS and SCORM?

For now, I know there are 2 kinds:

1. Build from scratch using eXeLearning

So that later we can create an IMS Content Package using eXeLearning where later the application will go directly to the browser like creating a local host.

exe learning

eXelearning software making SCORM Package and IMS Package it has several installer modes, in windows installation there is an Install version, so we can install it on our computers like installing software in general, it can also be ready to run with the .exe extension, there is also a portable version in the form of a zip, which you can run directly in it after you extract the zip file or not (must check confirmation of adding files to the zip, if the file is not extracted)

while other supported operating systems are Linux and MacOS.

So I think it’s very flexible, and can easily be used by many users with different Operating Systems.

exe learning interface

Some of the output results from this Learning Creator Software include:

  • To create or develop accessible content in XHTML or HTML5 format.
  • To generate a complete website (navigable web page).
  • To include interactive content (various types of questions and activities) on each page.
  • To export content in different formats like:

    ePub3 (open standard for e-books),
    IMS or SCORM (education standard used to publish interactive content on eLearning platforms or tools as Moodle or other OER (Open Educational Resources) repository)
    XLIFF (standard for translation).

  • To classify, or catalogue, educational content according to different metadata models: Dublin Core, LOM, LOM-ES.

Download the latest version of eXelearning for Scorm and IMS

2. Convert PPT,Pdf to SCORM Package

PPT is a power point presentation format, yes, for PDF itself it is a portable document format where when we process it with Ms Word for example, we can apply TOC / Table of Content to create interactive documents, then how to convert it into Scorm Package format so that it can be uploaded to LMS becomes Interactive..

example of scorm and ims display in moodle

example of scorm and ims display in moodle

example of scorm and ims display in moodle

later we can upload in the addition of activities and resources in Moodle…

upload IMS MOODL


For result files convertit, later it will be like this in zip format according to the instructions in the Moodle system.

zip ims

The way my friend can use an online application, but indeed this version is free and paid, the free version is limited to 5 per day … and there is also a file limit of 100mb.

convert pdf to scorm

Meanwhile, what you can use for free 100% is using eXeLearning, you can download it easily and the size is quite light, only 70mb.

3. Create a SCORM Package from Ms.Power Point with the i-Spring Free Plugin

This is the third way I got from research. Creating a Scorm Package from interactive slides in PowerPoint, you can do it using a free eLearning authoring tool, you can download the Free eLearning Authoring Tool from iSpring here

There it is written:

Is iSpring Free really free?

Yes! iSpring Free is 100% free. We guarantee that there are no hidden costs or time limits. We are sure that once you appraise how easy, fast and high-quality our free product is, you will want to try the Pro version.

it means :

is iSpring Free really free?

Yes! iSpring Free is 100% free. We guarantee that there are no hidden fees or time limits. We’re sure that once you’ve judged how easy, fast and high-quality our free product is, you’ll want to try the Pro version.

But there is indeed a limit to free version yes bro..

such as the maximum number of quiz questions is 5. the number of slides is 15 and the quiz type is only available 3.

Without any drag n drop feature, content library, interaction…

Meanwhile, if you subscribe to pro, you get unlimited.

The subscription is pretty good, bro… hehe, per author, the maximum version is $970 or the equivalent of 13 million per year…

means the monthly subscription fee is 1 million more…

For the iSpring Suite only, $ 770, or the equivalent of 10 million ..
if divided by 12.. it means not up to 1 million per month…

that’s the calculation if the dollar exchange rate is 14 thousand rupiah, yes…

But of course if you are very intense in making e-learning, I think it’s a small and cheap amount with a variety of features that can support you to make e-learning, especially for your LMS.

So it looks professional as a teacher.

You can see the pricing details and updates here

However, from my experience this trial software… I think it’s quite easy to understand and its features make it easier to create interactive learning.


IMS Content Package is the international standard for simple learning content created by software. Moodle IMS CP can read this and display its contents.
There is a similar standard SCORM with many definitions using tests and sequencing and communication between learning content and LMS.

More information on both at

Then the difference between IMS and Scorm?

From my understanding based on the references I got,

IMS = Instructional Management. System

SCORM = Sharable Content Object Reference Model



But both have the same function, namely to make learning / learning interactive.

You can read more in some of the references that I have included above, who knows there are other points of view.

Are there any more tools to make

Supporting Source of e-Learning Linnya

Edit your lessons with the easy-to-use editor

  • Firedocs eLML Editor: A Mozilla Firefox plugin for editing your eLML lessons in a WYSIWYG-like environment.
  • Open Office Plugin: Create lessons in Open Office (development halted!)

Transformation tool to create various output formats

  • EasyELML: Convert your eLML lessons into HTML, PDF, ePub and other formats with a single mouse click.

Graphical tool for creating eLML layout templates

  • Template Builder: Create eLML layout templates using a simple web browser. No XSLT knowledge required!

Repository: Store, manage and version

  • AddOn for Lenya and UniCMS: Import, manage, export and publish your lessons in Apache Lenya CMS or UniCMS
  • make4eLML Serverscripts: A set of shell scripts that validate and modify lessons performed e.g. via CVS.

Ref :

A few discussions about IMs, Scorm, LMS to support online interactive eLearning.

May it be useful..

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