How to Create the Best Product Pages to Maximize Conversions

Is your product page low in sales conversions? Maybe you made a mistake in creating your product page. In selling products/services the product page is very important, this page becomes information about what we sell to users.

Usually the product page is divided into two, the landing page and the product catalog. Landing pages are often used to sell services, while product catalogs are used to sell multiple products.

This article will teach you how to create great product pages to increase conversions from visitors to buyers. In addition, you will know how to present product information to a good audience.

1. Create Maximum Product Description

The previous article has discussed how to make a maximum product description, If you haven’t read it, you can read first to find out how to create a good product description to increase conversions.

According to the Nielsen Norman Group, the most effective product descriptions to increase sales are easy to understand, concise, and objective. This type of content/description has been proven to increase product value by 124%.

In making product descriptions, you should at least include brief points in your product descriptions so that they are easy to read. Make a concise description with 1-4 sentences describing the product. An objective description describes the product honestly rather than exaggerating the benefits.

id="2-gunakan-gambar-produk-yang-sempurna">2. Use Perfect Product Images

You will agree that the image is one of the determinants of how people will buy the product or not. If your product page is in the form of a catalog, the use of product images must be very careful.

Make sure you use high quality images for your online store. If the image is of low quality or doesn’t represent the product well, it can have a negative impact on sales. However, when you have to keep optimizing images to speed up your website loading.


using images, try to use a consistent display of product images on your website. If you have lots of images showing different angles, then this is a plus and can work well on product pages.


addition, you can apply the product image enlargement feature, By having this feature, it allows customers to get a better view of your normal product image. This allows your customers to see the fine details of a product.

3. Make sure the Website Display is according to UI/UX or Intuitive

Make sure that the appearance of your website matches the UI/UX or is intuitive. Use a minimalist layout and make it easier for customers to use your online store. Don’t overdo the UI so that the UX is not taken into account which makes the website difficult to navigate and takes a long time to load.

To maximize conversions, user experience is very important, make sure your website is easy to navigate and understand for customers, so customers don’t have trouble using your website to shop online.


addition, make sure your website loads fast. The solution to this problem is by optimizing the website and using Web Hosting with very good performance. You can find information about Web Hosting with the best performance at Jagoan Hosting.

4. Apply Copywriting when Creating Product Pages

How to hypnotize website visitors into product buyers? How to use copywriting. You can try to read information about using copywriting techniques in the article.

With copywriting you can increase sales conversions. With a little touch of copywriting your product page becomes very special so that customers are interested in the products you sell.

In creating product pages, Copywriting is very important. You can place elements in product descriptions, calls to action, and other product information. Because this is quite important, you shouldn’t forget about copywriting on product pages.

5. Don’t Forget this in your Product Page

In creating your product page don’t forget these few things, some of this information really helps you in increasing your conversions. Anything? Social share, Create limited product questions, shipping information and payment methods.


share helps you in disseminating your product information, whether it’s distributed by customers or yourself, Besides that, you can make the products you sell are limited or limited products, that will make potential customers want to buy immediately.

And don’t forget information about product shipping, how product shipping policies and expeditions are used. For payment methods, you must include so that buyers can find out about the payment method used.

6. Add Customer Reviews

Adding customer reviews on product pages is very important. If you drive traffic to a product page, your online store review can encourage customers to buy the product, so that conversion rates can go up by adding customer reviews.

In addition, According to eMarketer. Customer reviews are 12x more trusted than product descriptions. Therefore, when creating a product page, don’t forget to add a product review. Remember, Having customer reviews can help increase your sales conversions and convert customers if they are generally positive.

That’s some information about how to create a product page, you can apply this method to increase your product sales and make your product page more leverage.

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