How to Create Your Own Custom Search Engine with Google CSE (Programmable Search)

How to Create Your Own Custom Search Engine with Google CSE (Programmable Search)

Ever imagined being able to make Search Engine himself from Source / Our Network Content? It can be made for free.

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If you are often looking for something in Search engines and get result / search results instantly… it’s pretty much the same way. So Visitors will be able to search for something in the search engine that we will create, but the difference is of course in the search results.

If Search Engine usually will do rankings from various sites in the world, in contrast to Custom Search Engine what we’re going to make is that only displays result from the website entered in the database.

Google CSE Guide
CSE Rahmancyber Wallpaper | R4CProject

So that when visitors are looking for an answer to their problem, they will immediately refer to our site, and of course it will bring traffic for Website or Blog in our Network.

Curious to Create Your Own Custom Search Engine?

Do you think that from where we get hosting free? whereas when a visitor performs a search, it will ask query from the database and it will certainly cost hosting for limit certain and increase it if limit this is exceeded, and you need to know, that it will cost a lot of money per month πŸ™‚

So, undo your thinking, because we don’t teach you how to make SEARCH ENGINE from ZERO… which would cost a lot of money to do SCRAP to Many Websites in the World, ensure server on 24 and more maintenance resources, resources for stand by… where it can’t be done individually … πŸ™‚ unless you have a lot of money to cover it … then where do you get the income to payback with Search Engine your made?

Because in fact, in order to be able to display the desired results relevant and good for users also take years to upgrade Algorithm, and it also requires Resources if you want to make Web Search Engine Originalaka not using someone else’s source code… πŸ™‚

Like the website, don’t you, you use it WordPress? So you use someone else’s source code, of course your job becomes easier and faster right? but you can’t arbitrarily admit that it’s purely made by you .. by setting up a website creation rate of up to hundreds or even billions … for website projects created using Source Code from Other People.

OK Stop!

We are here to teach you to make Custom Search Engine easily, but with the services provided by Google CSE or also known as Google Programmable Search Engine.

Oh, if it’s from google, it means we use Google Index yes? Yup! absolutely right.. this is the same as sorting from millions and even billions of webs that are indexed by Google 7x24hours…. and only displaying our own websites… or those who are part of our network.

So the core concept of making another website is irrelevant to the Custom Search Engine that we created.

CSE is perfect for

– You Who Have Many Websites

– You Who Have a Business Network

– Those of you who are building Branding / Media Brands

– You are building Authority

How to Create Google CSE

1. Sign In Google Account

Please Sign In first, because this is a google product, then you just need to sign in with email address you on one browser you, then you will be able to log into the account Bloggers, Youtube, and CSE this is unnecessary login again.

2. Visit Google CSE

Please visit if you want to see details program offered, or just go to enter Custom Search Engine dashboards you and make CSE new.

cse google register
Google CSE Registration | Screenshots by RahmanCyber.NET

3. Please Fill in the Create New Engine Form

A) In part Sites to Search

You can enter the sites that you have, so that when visitors use Custom Search Engine you, then he will only get result / search results from the site you registered (Make sure the site you registered is already logged in) Google Index to be able to get Query directly to the site page that you registered), if not already Index… then nothing is displayed.

This is different from Search Widgets which is usually already installed on Blogger, if you use Blogger Platforms for Blogging for Free, if you blog using Platforms others, may also be available for the Search function, but are usually available only for that website.

there is some information there…

  • Individual pages:

    this means that you can add pages to your website, if you want to custom only certain pages that are displayed in search.

  • Entire site:*

    This Entire Site means that you can add your site or only certain sub domains, meaning that your other subdomains are not included in the query / are not affected by CSE. In this case the WWW is included in the Sub Domain, usually this is used as the Root / Main Site Domain.

  • Parts of site:* or

    Part of Site or Part of this site means that if you add by label, if in blogger… or if you have a special category / folder for placing articles, then what will be included in the query are articles that are in that folder, including sub other folders if any.

  • Entire domain: *

    This means that you can add a direct domain… the domain and the site are different, yes, meaning that the site is included in the domain, while the domain is the root or core url which is a container for all sites that use the domain url.

    If you enter a direct domain, for example, then all sub domains will also appear in this custom search.

B) Section Language,

You can choose the language of your site.

  • Make sure you choose the right languageaccording to the language of your article, in order to get relevant search results.
  • How about mixing English and Indonesian?, it’s not recommended, because later the search will be too confusing… especially in the language section, there is only one language choice.
  • If you have an Indonesian blog and an English blog, you can create a different CSE, or yourself, so that later the search results can be more appropriate and precise.

    * Cook yes, American visitors are treated to articles in Indonesian, if they don’t really need it, then they won’t try to translate either.. πŸ™‚

C) Section Name of the Search Engine

In this section, you can freely name the custom search engine that you created … make sure to use a name that is easy for you to remember or you can do management for example you have a cross-language blog, for example RahmanCyber ​​ID , RahmanCyber ​​EN. RahmanCyber ​​JP

It’s up to you πŸ™‚ hehe

4. Complete Google CSE Build

If you have filled it in, then the next step is to press the button Create.

Google Custom Search Engine Made successfully!

Yey, finally CSE you, successfully made…

CSE Google created
CSE created successfully | Screenshots by RahmanCyber.NET

Adding CSE to Website as Widget

Then you can add it to your site as a widget, by pressing Get Code button in section Add it to your Site

cse get code
Code CSE | Screenshots of RahmanCyber.NET

The next step is you just embed it on your website, it can be on a special page or in the HTML Widget.

Embedding Step Blogger via HTML Widget

  1. Blogger Dashboard
  2. Layout / Layout
  3. Add Gadget or Add Gadget
  4. choose HTML / Javascript
  5. Then Paste CSE Code in Widgets it, after that click Save / saveplease see the results.
    CSE GOOGLE WIDGET on Blogger
    Google CSE on Blogger | Screenshot by RahmanCyber.NET

Steps to add CSE code for WordPress

  • Please Login to WordPress dashboard.
  • Please select the menu Appearance
  • Then select Widget sub menu > Text Widget > Add Text Widget
  • Paste the CSE code that was previouslycopy.
  • After that click Saveand see the result

CSE as Public Page

you can see CSE you are already available for publicly accessibleif you want to link a special Link in Blog Menu for example, so that visitors can use the facility by clicking through the link you put on the site Site Menu

The picture is like this if on Blogger,

We add to Menu Navigation

menu navigation cse

The result will be like this

cse menu navigation result

When a visitor clicks on the RahmanCyber ​​Search Engine menu, it will be directed to our Google Search CSE Page that we created earlier.

cse google results

When a visitor searches for something, the result will come out from the network website that we entered earlier.

Just click Public Url tombol button in section View it on the Webthen copy the URL and place it in the menu section or anywhere on your site.

Google CSE Custom Display

If you want to change the look or do other custom, you can press Control Panel button in section Modify your search engine

Good luck… πŸ™‚

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