How to Delete All Contacts on an OPPO HP at Once

How to Delete All Contacts on an OPPO HP at Once

Oppo is a well-known smartphone brand in Indonesia. Even Oppo HP sales are included in the first list as the best-selling sales for the last few years.

In addition to a good marketing strategy, in fact the quality of Oppo HP is very promising. One of which can already be seen is the camera section, where the camera section is the advantage of the Oppo HP.

HP Oppo, of course, has many interesting features, both mandatory features and special features. For HP oppo users, of course, they must know about the features on the cellphone they have.

Some users even ask about how to delete all contacts on an Oppo cellphone. Where you can delete contacts on an Oppo cellphone using the built-in features on the cellphone.

To be able to delete contacts, you only need to access the built-in features on the cellphone. So users don’t need to use additional access such as additional applications and others to delete applications.

How to Delete All Contacts on an OPPO HP at OnceIn general, the main purpose of deleting contacts is when you want to replace an HP device. Like when we want to sell a cellphone, we need to delete all contacts. Actually, you can also use HOW TO RESET OPPO HP to be able to outsmart this.

Oppo HP users can easily delete all contacts easily in the settings menu or also the contacts application. Well, this time there will be various ways to quickly delete all contacts on an Oppo cellphone.

Delete All Contacts on Oppo

How to Delete All Contacts on an OPPO HP at OnceOppo HP users can delete all contacts using the settings or settings feature on the OPPO cellphone. The method itself is quite easy and you don’t need to use any access. You can follow this method.

  1. Enter Menu or application contact
  2. Choose contact which will be deleted
  3. Next select Delete Contacts
  4. You can also mark the contacts you want to delete

Please use this method, you can delete existing contacts one by one or delete all of them immediately. This method can be practiced for all HP oppo in the same way.

Reset HP Oppo To Delete All Contacts

If you want to delete all contacts with the reason that you want to sell your cellphone. Or the cellphone will change hands, so Projektino suggests that it’s better for you to just reset the HP oppo. The easiest way to reset the HP oppo to delete contacts is as follows.

  1. Turn off the smartphone first.
  2. Make sure the battery is in sufficient condition.
  3. After the smartphone turns off, then press TVolume Down button and Power button simultaneously in a few secondsHow to Hard Reset Oppo A15s
  4. Then release all held buttons when the menu appears ColorOS Recovery. After that select the language English to simplify the hard reset processHow to Reset Hp Oppo A15s
  5. Next select Wipe DataHow to Factory Reset Oppo Mobile
  6. Then input verification codeHow to Wipe Data on Oppo Mobile
  7. The next step is to choose a menu Data FormatsHow to Format Hp Oppo A15s
  8. Then a warning appears that all user data will be reset. Please choose Format to perform the hard reset processHow to Delete All Contacts on an OPPO HP at Once
  9. Please wait until the process Wiping finishedHow to Delete All Contacts on an OPPO HP at Once
  10. Next select OKHow to Delete All Contacts on an OPPO HP at Once
  11. After that just select the menu RebootHow to Restart HP Oppo
  12. Then choose OK to reboot.How to Reset Oppo Mobile Easily
  13. Then the smartphone will reboot
  14. Please wait until the Reboot process is complete and the hard reset process has been successful.

The method above is very easy where you can apply it to all OPPO cellphones. How to delete contacts on your cellphone at once by doing a hard reset is the best and fastest option. Make sure you follow the method above then all contacts on the HP oppo will be lost.


So, that’s an easy way to delete all contacts on the OPPO cellphone. Of the two existing ways you can choose which way would be needed. If you only want to delete contacts, then please use the first method.

The two options for deleting contacts above can also be applied to all OPPO cellphones. See also other interesting tutorials such as the Xiaomi Poco F4 price in the previous review from Projektino.