How to Disable WA Notifications on Xiaomi MIUI 11

How to Disable WA Notifications on Xiaomi MIUI 11

As someone who likes to play online games, like I often play Mobile Legends and PUBG Mobile. For me, of course, disabling WhatsApp notifications is very necessary when playing the online game. The reason is none other than,

– First, so that notifications from Wa don’t interfere and cause the network to lag.

– Second, because there are no notifications, playing the game becomes more focused, moreover push rank and favorite MMR heroes must win.

– Then the third and last one. when we are participating in an online game tournament, we must disable social media notifications including WA.

– Then you can fill in the next reason yourself according to your respective complaints.

So here I am using a Xiaomi Redmi cellphone that uses MIUI version 11, after I checked the previous version it turned out that the settings were different. I happen to have two Xiaomi phones with different MIUI so I know.

Therefore, this time I will share with you how to disable WhatsApp notifications on Xiaomi MIUI 11 with new settings. So that you are not confused, let’s just follow the following tutorial:

Disabling WA Notifications on Xiaomi MIUI 11

1. Immediately you open the menu Settings on Xiaomi phones

2. Then select settings Apps > keep selecting again Manage apps.

How to Disable WA Notifications

3. To be faster use search and type WhatsApp so that the WA application appears which we will disable the notification.

How to Disable WA Notifications on Xiaomi MIUI 11

4. Once open you tab Notifications then click the blue button next to the Show notification menu until it turns gray which indicates that you have successfully disabled WA notifications.

How to Disable WA Notifications on Xiaomi MIUI 11

With one touch all notifications from WhatsApp in the form of pop ups or any model will not appear. Notifications of incoming messages on the WhatsApp application logo don’t appear anymore, so you have to open WA first to know if there are new messages that come in.

Do the same settings then return the button from gray to blue to re-enable WhatsApp notifications.

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