How to Display Printer Maintenance Settings without Ms.Word

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In this discussion, we will provide a short tutorial that is still closely related to the theme Discussion About Printer on RahmanCyber ​​NET, this is also closely related to our previous discussion about printers in RahmanCyber ​​NET Youtube Channel.

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How to Display the Printer Maintenance Dialog Box?

There are many how to show Maintenance Printer which has a lot of functions.. there is cleaning which is very important thing, if it turns out that when you print it turns out that the RESULT IS NOT NORMAL COLOR, or does not fit on the computer..

Especially if the print results have stains stuck to the roll (yesterday’s used ink stains) you also need a roller cleaner.. hehe..

So indeed Maintenance Tool it’s very important…

If you are familiar with Ms Word / Microsoft Wordactually this is an easy thing to set in the application..

Step 1You need to open Ms Word First, then select file menu

MS Word File Menu

Step 2you choose Printafter that click Print Properties

print ms word


3then a dialog box will appear Print Propertiesthen select the Maintenance tab.

print properties

Step 4Well now Dialogue Printer Maintenance it’s already opened, please select the required function.

Maintenance Print

It’s an easy way to displaying the Printer Maintenance dialog box via Ms Word..

Then What If I Don’t Have MS. Words????

I have made the step by step in the form of a video so that it is easier to understand ^_^


That’s what friends are like, a simple way to open the Printer Maintenance Dialog Box which is very important if a problem occurs on your RaCy pal printer.. ^_^ and it can be practiced for various printers, the method is the same… as long as the OS is Windows 10..


it is useful..


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