How to Download and Use Google Maps Offline mode

How to Download and Use Google Maps Offline mode

Do you often use the google map application to get directions? For people who often travel long distances such as traveling, for example, map directions to access certain places are needed.

One of the problems when browsing the road on Maps is suddenly a bad signal, the battery is about to run out, the network is jammed and so on. To be able to minimize this incident, we can work around the Google Maps service by downloading messages so that it can be used offline.

There are many benefits that we can take while using Google Map Offline mode
First we don’t need internet data anymore when we’re on the road
Because we use Maps offline the battery is more efficient

how to use google maps offline

Google Maps as a guide, basically it wastes battery and also wastes quota, this is because Maps collects a lot of information about traffic, time predictions, finding the fastest route, and so on.

So as we have said, downloading and using Google Maps offline is the right solution. Especially for those of you who often travel to certain places, you should prepare an offline map before leaving.

How to Download Google Maps

The initial stage to prepare offline maps is that we need to download data with an internet network, take it easy this only takes 20Mb if there is a better free Wi-Fi network.

1. First, open Google Maps then click profile in the top corner

How to Download and Use Google Maps Offline mode

2. Then you will see the menu order, click on Offline maps > Choose Your Own Map

How to Download and Use Google Maps Offline mode

3. In this area of ​​the map you can expand and narrow the Map by pinching the screen with two fingers. If you have determined the Map area according to your choice to start your next offline Maps trip, click Download in the bottom corner.

How to Download and Use Google Maps Offline mode

Then to open Maps that we have downloaded, you can open it in the offline Maps menu whenever you want.

A little additional information that this offline map will be valid for one year, so to be able to continue using it after a year you can update Maps.

How to Save Google Maps Offline data to SD card

Not all smartphones have a wide ROM capacity, therefore storing maps in Internal storage actually adds to the burden on the device. But you can overcome this by changing the offline map data storage to an SD card or external memory.

– All you have to do is open the Google Maps application

– Then open the offline map menu

– After that click the settings icon in the top right corner

– Change Storage preferences from the device, change to an SD card, then when you download the next map data will be automatically saved on the external memory.

How to Download and Use Google Maps Offline mode


So that’s how we download Google Maps data and use maps offline on your Android smartphone, so these tips are useful, especially for those of you who often travel long distances, travel, make pilgrimages, and so on.

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