How to Earn Money from ACX

How to Earn Money from ACX

Everyone would want to earn money the “lazy way” which is very easy but really produces.

Recently, business programs, applications, and systems have also emerged that claim to make fantastic amounts of money just by doing very simple things.

This article will not present such a utopia but that does not mean that it cannot be done at all.

Because now there is a way to earn money in a very easy, simple way, and gives you consistent change.

This method is very uncommon and very few people know about, so it is a method that you can follow before someone else does.

Then how?

The trick is to use the ACX search engine.

If you are familiar with the search engines Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, then ACX is also like that. But the difference is that ACX provides income in the form of credits given every day which can be converted into dollars.

ACX can be accessed via adclickxpress.Is

In fact, when we use the Google search engine, we are an asset to Google because we continue to accumulate dollar coffers for Google with advertisements served to us through its search engine.

We use their services, are exposed to advertisements and our data is used for third parties, ie advertisers are a consequence of using the Google search engine.

From the amount of money we give to Google through the search activities we do, none of them generate dollars or we are divided by a number of dollars from our contribution to Google.

Now imagine if there is a search engine that gives some of its profits to its use.

This is what happened to ACX. They also provide benefits to their users as their business model.

ACX at a Glance

ACX stands for Adclickxpress, which is online advertising or a very popular online advertising media. It has been around since 2012. This is a long time for ACX.

They can survive because they are able to fix all the problems that are generally faced by online advertising media.

ACX is famous as a site that can give money from the internet just by doing a search.

But unfortunately to get a lot of money from ACX it takes a long time because the fees you get are quite small.

But if you want to produce more than ACX then they have provided an offer called ACX Tripler which costs $10 per package.

different from the free version, ACX Tripler promises its users long-term income with greater income potential than those who do not take this package.

How to Earn Money from ACX

How to Register on ACX

If you haven’t registered yet, please register by following these steps:

1. First open http://adclickxpress.Is/ then click Sign Up.

2. After that fill out the registration form provided completely,

3. After registering, we will be directed to the dashboard. Here click Switch which is on the top right side.

4. Click OK in the search system.

5. Then select the search engine you want to use and click on the bottom left. Then click the ACX Search link (http://search.adclickxpress.Is/)

6. Then you can do a search using ACX Search and every time a search is done, the credit will increase.

7. Finished.

How to Earn Money on ACX

How to get money on ACX is very easy, after doing the above method you just need to do a search using ACX Search and later you will get a random amount of credit.

However, the range of credits granted ranges from $0.08 to $0.03/credit. Indeed, this amount is very small but how to get it is very easy.

Making money at ACX you can do while lying down, it can be done anytime and anywhere.

The minimum search is $5 with a fee of 4%.

ACX Alternative

ACX Search is not the only one that implements the system as described above. There are a number of other platforms that provide alternatives similar to the system offered by ACX Search. Here are some of them:


Perhaps Swagbucks is one of the most famous and oldest. It has been around since 2008.

Swagbuck will give you points called “SBs” when using this search engine.

The number of points awarded is uncertain. Sometimes you will not earn any money at all for every click.

When your search makes money, a pop up will appear and you just have to click “clain” to get the points.

Swagbucks not only provides a way to earn money from searches but also earn money from videos, surveys, and more.

100 SBs equals $1. Minimum disbursement has reached $160 SBs. For disbursement can use PayPal.


InboxDollar emerged in 2000 and has disbursed $59 million to its members. You can also get that through this search engine.

InboxDollar is truly unique. Every time we do a search, there will be a bar called “Scratch & Win bar” that will be filled. When it is full then you will get money.

Not only through search, members can also earn money from watching videos, conducting surveys, reading emails, and playing games.

Each disbursement can be worth $0.25 and a minimum disbursement of $30 which will be sent via PayPal.

Ask Wonder

As the name suggests, it is a search engine or search engine that allows users to get the answers they want.

In addition to a search engine, AskWonder can be a money engine for its users because AskWonder can give you additional income.

ACX Cheaters?

ACX received a very low rating on review sites because many of its members reported that they never got money and some felt that they had been harmed by ACX.

ACX was previously named JBP which was later closed due to a money laundering case. Finally, JBP changed ownership and changed its name to AdClickExpress. Some of the JBP members lost their money because of the problems the company had previously.

Currently ACX has a pretty bad name even though ACX is proven to pay its members properly.


There are many ways to earn money on the internet. If you want to make money in an easy, timeless and sure way then you can use ACX as a source of income.

ACX stands for AdClickXpress which you can open at the url address the way it works is very simple, when you use this search engine, you will get money later.

That means the more often you use ACX, the more income you can generate.

If you are interested in using ACX then you can register and change ACX to be your main search engine.