How to Earn Money from Opera Mini

Get what you can in various ways, both offline and online. If you are looking for money online then one of the capital needed is a browser. Browser is an application that is used to browse the internet.

A browser is an application that becomes a window that connects you to the internet. There you can open various websites including websites that can make money.

In this article we will focus on how to get that from Opera Mini. Opera Mini is used as a medium to open sites that can make money.

But actually you can still open these sites through a browser other than Opera Mini.

This article is intended to add insight and knowledge for Opera Mini browser users so that Opera Mini is not only for opening entertainment sites but also Opera Mini users can use the browser to access sites that can make money.

Overview of Opera Mini

Opera Mini is one of the most popular browsers in the world. According to estimates, Opera Mini is used by more than 80% of Android users worldwide.

This is a very large number. This success is supported by Opera Mini’s ability to process data so that the browser can perform faster than other browsers.


from that, from the design we can see that Opera Mini has a very simple appearance. This also applies to Opera Mini for PC.

The advantage that Opera Mini has that other browsers don’t have is the page saving feature. So users who don’t have time to read can save web pages that can be opened at a later time without the need for internet access to open them again so this can save quota.

If used for downloads, Opera Mini claims that this browser can download 3x faster than the default browser.

style="text-align: left;">Sites Opera Mini Can Access to Make Money

Actually there are very many sites that can make money. But unfortunately not many people know about how to make this money, even though if you do just one of them the results are quite good.


accessing the site below from the Opera Mini browser, Opera Mini will not only be a place for you to seek knowledge or entertainment, but also a money mine that can generate additional income for you.

Without further ado, here are some browsers that you can use to make money on Opera Mini:

1. YouGov Indonesia

YouGov is a paid survey site. This means you can get paid by filling out surveys. This is a very easy way to make money.

If you have a lot of free time, please open your browser and fill out a survey on YouGov Indonesia.

The survey is not difficult at all. You only need to fill in the required data. The requested data is in accordance with your profile so don’t be afraid of not being paid.

2. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a site that is quite in demand by many people and even becomes the main income for some bloggers


AdSense works closely with bloggers and advertisers. The blog owner will later get money from advertisers.

If you are interested in starting to earn from Opera Mini with Google AdSense it is quite possible because now the WordPress and Blogger platforms can be accessed with Opera Mini so you can blog.

3. User Testing

User Testing is a site used by developers and companies that publish applications for testing. This site is used by world giant companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Twitter and others.

In this application there are lots of tests that can be followed for a fairly large fee. For example, by testing for just 20 minutes by recording yourself you can get paid 10 dollars.

4. Sribulancer

Sribulancer is a freelancer site made in Indonesia that has long been known as a place for talented freelancers to gather. If you have skills that can be sold then you can use Sribulancer.

To be recruited, make sure that the position you are applying for is relevant to your portfolio and CV. If recruited then you can make quite a lot of money can even be your main income.


types of jobs available are also very diverse, ranging from content creation, application creation, design, programming, managing social media, and so on.

Opening Sribulancer can be done in the Opera Mini browser that you are using.

5. Fiverr

Fiverr is exactly like Sribulance except that it is an overseas site. Later you offer services in dollars and receive money in dollars.

This site is reliable enough for anyone looking to make money from Opera Mini.

In contrast to Sribulancer, if the Sribulancer posting is a recruiter, then on Fiverr it is the freelancer who posts his services.

So if you open Fiverr.Com in your Opera Mini browser then you will see it looks like a marketplace.

6. SnackLink

Recently, SnackLink has been getting quite a buzz because of its easy and unique way of making money. All you have to do is shorten the URL and share it with others.

Later the more people who open the link that you share, the more income you can get. The URL that can be shortened can be anything.

For example, if you have videos, content, and movies, you can upload them to cloud sites like Dropbox or Google Drive. Then you shorten the link at www.snacklink.Co after that share the link.

The amount of money that can be generated varies from country to country. The payment system is CPM aka cost per mile which in Indonesian is called pay per thousand impressions.

This means that you will earn money if someone already opens the link that you share.

7. Swagbucks

Instead of accessing entertainment sites on Opera Mini, you should go to www.swagbucks.Com because this site has been able to provide morning income for its users since 2014.

The things that are done are quite diverse so you don’t need to be too bored with one way. These include playing games,

answer survey questions, watch videos, sell affiliate products and so on. Later the Swagbucks balance will be transferred to your PayPal.

8. Rev

This Rev is very suitable for Opera Mini users who have proficiency in the language. By using Rev you have the opportunity to earn an additional 24 – 39 dollars for 1 hour of recording.

But to get to that stage you have to pass a series of transcription skills tests. This is done by Rev so that the quality of the transcripts on his website is always of high quality.

To be able to access Rev in Opera Mini browser, you can go to www.rev.Com.

9. Shutterstock

This site is perfect for those of you Opera Mini users who like to do photography. Later you can register to be a contributor and when someone downloads your image, you will get money.