How to Earn Money from Patreon

How to Earn Money from Patreon

Until the end of 2021, I’m still using Patreon. The reason for still maximizing this crowdfunding platform, for me personally, is just to write.

In fact, more than that, Patreon can provide greater income for its users. Especially if you are a musician or musician.

Then, how? how to earn money from Patreon for artists and musicians, or even for content writer? Because, now there are many successful Patreon users to earn 200 thousand dollars through this site.

Good. Before you read this article further, I need to disclaim first that, to generate a lot of income from Patreon, you must create interesting content and be able to invite your followers to join on Patreon too.

That’s how Patreon works that I’ve been monitoring. For other methods, I will describe in the next sub-heading.

What is Patreon?

As far as I understand, Patreon is a site that allows creative people to build an income online.

Whether it’s creative people in the field of Podcasters, YouTubers, Bloggers, and from all creative people who want to get a little more income from their fanbase or fans. Or also from donors.


on Patreon to entice their donors or fans to give money can offer access to exclusive content. For example, create articles, videos, or podcasts.

You can also leverage this platform to communicate with your fans or followers directly. You can chat with them about an album for example, or your other works.

As of now, more than 200 thousand creative actors have used this site to receive their support in their work.

How to earn money from Patreon

The first thing you have to do is, you have to start by registering and creating an account first on Patreon, then you have to set up a creator or creator page, and create a place where you can offer exclusive content to your members.

offers a starterkit to simplify the setup process for its users. This is a page template which has been designed to assist the user in filling in the blanks and then launching his account quickly.


the setup process, you will notify Patreon of the type of content you are creating, then select a currency, and save a custom URL. Next, you’ll add a profile photo, cover image, links to your social media accounts, and even an intro video if you’d like to introduce yourself.

If you have a pro account, you can set tiers with different incentives that your members may find interesting. On Patreon, everything is completely free. The company makes money by taking a percentage of the creator’s income, plus payment processing fees.

The best way to make money from Patreon is AYou must offer membership packages to your subscribers or ask for payment for each exclusive post you write.


will be able to offer your members perks such as gated content, members-only livestreams, exclusive forums, integrated Discord live chat, exclusive newsletters, live streaming workshops, discounts and merchandise, and much more. There are publishing tools as well which are suitable for every type of content creator.

Who makes money on Patreon?

All content creators can use Patreon to gain support from their fans, including educators, writers, musicians, gamers, and others. Patreon itself publishes work in various forms. From political podcasts to games. To create an account, you must be at least 13 years old. To join a content creator membership as a patron or grant membership as a content creator, you must be at least 18 years of age or have permission from a parent or guardian. There are no other requirements, but you do need a bank account to receive payments. To have a successful career on Patreon, Taylor the founder of Patreon says that you must have followers outside of Patreon.

“My top tip is to think about where you’re going to get your audience from — and you NEED an existing audience. I already have 10,000 email subscribers, so finding my initial member group was easy, but getting people to sign up for a Patreon group would be much more difficult.”

style="text-align: left;">How to maximize earnings from Patreon

1. Create high quality intro videos. Use the video feature to introduce yourself, demonstrate the benefits you will provide to members, and communicate how financial support will help you create better content.

2. Promote your Patreon on social media. Your subscribers will likely come from your social media followers, so be sure to promote a link to your Patreon page on each social media account or at the end of your YouTube videos or podcasts.

3. Offers some much better benefits. That is by providing multiple membership options that can help persuade more people to support you. Be sure to strategically price each option so customers see value in each option.

5. Choose a good incentive. Offer exclusive access to content that will attract your followers, and provide very attractive benefits to members/

6. Send messages to your customers. According to Patreon data, creators who send messages via Patreon are more likely to successfully process at least $100 in their first month on the imi platform.

7. Leverage Patreon’s resources. Patreon offers many free educational resources, including workshops, blog posts, and tutorials, to help content creators be successful.

That’s how to earn money from Patreon that I can share with you. Hope it is useful!