How to Earn Money in Apps Tagged

How to Earn Money in Apps Tagged

This time, I will guide you about how to earn money in apps Tagged. Or, many people know this application as a pet tagged game.

You can visit the site via Until now, this application still exists and the domain is being extended continuously. In fact, this game was made quite a long time ago.

Perhaps the reason the tagged application is still being used by many people is because this game is quite fun. How not, almost all over the world enjoy playing this game. Although, its popularity sometimes fluctuates.

However, up and down is not an exception for the audience. Still, this game is played by a lot of people and can also make money, well although I think you have to be careful when playing here too.

What is the Tagged app?

If I simplify it so that you understand this application, so this is a special application for playing online games about buying and selling pets. Of course the animals sold are not real animals, but animals that are intentionally illustrated in online form.


this game, we are positioned as people who buy and sell pets. Alias, let’s say the person who has the last animal; do we want to sell the animal or do we want to continue to buy lots of animals to be used as pets.

We can play this game via PC and mobile. It’s easy to register. Later I will make a special subtitle for how to register in the tagged application.

How to earn money in the Tagged app

To generate income through this game, we must add and own assets in a way, the ranking of sales and purchases must continue to fall. The more our ranking goes down, it’s said to be better.


rankings are categorized in rankings in our home country and internationally. Remember that people who play this game are the world’s benchmarks. So, we should also prioritize international rankings.


we already get the ranking hi5, we will get a lot of income. The only problem is how difficult it is to lower rankings. This is the homework for these tagged gamers. I myself actually played this game in 2018 and it was pretty fun. Although then stopped because he was busy working.

Have I personally made money in the Tagged app? Already. I actually spent real money because, one of the most effective ways to make a lot of money in this game, sometimes you have to spend money through your own wallet.

So, there are two ways to earn in this game. First, dare to take it out yourself first (then sell as expensive as possible our pets). Second, keep ranking down. To clarify, consider some terms in this game.

Terms on the Tagged aplikasi app


least, there are three terms in this game. And you have to know it to make a lot of money. Here are some of them.

The term value known as the value of your selling price as a pet.

Cash term called the money in our account wallet to buy animals.

Asset terms This is known as the amount of money you have in addition to value and cash.

The usefulness of these three terms is quite crucial, I think. You must have a pet with a good ranking. Later, the pet is displayed under your profile. Later there will be a picture of the flag.

Maximum to earn money here, your ranking must be in the top 1500. Just being able to trade well with people who play this game.

Well, what’s interesting in this game is the use of the term cash. This term is used to buy gold and also make a profit.

To buy gold, you must use US currency. Payment via Paypal. Meanwhile, to get a lot of profit, you must at least say buying an animal for 20,000, then we just sell it from the purchase price. Just got profit.


should also be informed that you will be declared a lucky user when you are active in this game for a day. The Tagged party will assess each user’s activity. So, if you really want to make money on this app, you have to be active.

Reasonable the hell for passive income.

How to register in the Tagged app

It’s easy to become a Tagged user. Please follow the following steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign up using Google and Facebook
  3. Complete the data provided by the Tagged party
  4. Observe first how to play it, especially for beginners
  5. Then please continue to be active

Maybe that’s a little sharing about how to get money in the Tagged application. Good luck!