How to Edit Photos to Make Young Faces Old with FaceApp on Android

How to Edit Photos to Make Young Faces Old with FaceApp on Android

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There has been a trend circulating in social media, especially Facebook and Twitter, which are busy showing photos of young and old. Now it’s time to edit photos easily with an Android phone. If through a computer we need to use a Photoshop or CorelDraw software and it requires special skills so that the edits are good.

For example, you are a teenage boy, then curious what it would be like if your face was made in the version of an older man, or younger than now. You can use an Android application called FaceApp to see it.

What is FaceApp?
FaceApp is an application that can change a person’s face to be old, young, female, smiling, and many more options in the features of the application. FaceApp can be installed on Android and iOS operating systems.

This photo editing application that turns old has been downloaded by more than 90 million Android devices around the world. In general, this FaceApp application also gets a very good review 4.5 of the total reviews and 5 star reviews out of 79 thousand that were carried out by users of this application.

How to Edit Young to Old Photos via FaceApp

1. First you have to download FaceApp first through the Play Store, install it until it’s finished.

2. Open the app and just skip all the initial screens. Don’t forget to continue to activate data or WiFi, because the photo editing process is online, if an error occurs, close the application, turn off the data and reopen the application and activate the internet.

3. After entering the FaceApp application page, you can select photos that are already stored in the gallery, take new photos, photos from Facebook, or take photos of famous artists to make old faces.

How to Edit Photos to Make Young Faces Old with FaceApp on Android

4. After that you can select the filter to be Young, Old, Hair Style and many more. Moreover, you can upgrade to pro, the more options there are.

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5. Click apply to start changing the photo of a young face to an old one, then don’t forget to save the edits.

Now you can show off the results by sharing them on social media so you can join in on the trend.

What’s even funnier is that this photo editing application can also change your male photos to look like a woman. It must be very funny if you show and make jokes with your male friends, what if we change his face like a woman?

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