How to Enable Auto-Reply Messages on Facebook Page

Our Facebook fan page is already crowded and famous with many likes and fans who are always waiting for what has been sent from the page. Like a large site, of course, it will be flooded with various comments and messages that come in every day. So that it activates an automatic reply message which will later reply to new messages from people by itself on the facebook page. So the reply message will be sent immediately after someone else has sent a message on your page even though the page admin is not online.

Automatic (instant) replies are messages that are sent automatically as your Page’s first response to a new message. For example, you can use this Instant reply message to provide information about your business or include a thank you to people for visiting and contacting your Page on facebook.

In addition, after activating the automatic message, if a new fan of your page contacts via SMS and there is an immediate response, then they will feel appreciated. Although the actual content of the message is the same for all messages, they also do not necessarily know the truth. On the other hand, if the auto-reply message only answers once for someone who just messaged your page on the same day. so even though the message is sent up to three messages at once, the sender of the message only gets one reply to the first message.

We can only do this through a computer or laptop, for those of you who use mobile phones, you must first move Facebook to a PC. Prepare in advance the words as autoresponder messages that will later be applied to your page. Here are the steps that you have to go through until it’s completely finished,

How to Activate Auto-Reply FB Page Messages (Update)

1. Log in to your facebook account via a computer, as I said, this method after we tried it couldn’t be done via a smartphone.

2. After successfully logging in to your facebook account then open it or switch to your profile page.

3. If you have, click the message menu (Messages) in the top corner.

facebook page auto reply

4. Then after that click Auto Response.

How to Enable Auto-Reply Messages on Facebook Page

5. Select Instant Reply, click be button active and don’t forget to check Messenger and Instagram.

How to Enable Auto-Reply Messages on Facebook Page

6. After that, slide the settings page down to the Message box, write a text that you want to use as an auto-responder message in the box and the text should not be too long to exceed 500 characters. In addition, we can also add a website url that has been saved or add an Admin name to be added to the message by clicking ‘Add Personalization’.

How to Enable Auto-Reply Messages on Facebook Page

7. If everything is as you wish, just click “Save Changes”

Next, if you are still curious about the results, try using a friend’s Facebook account or another account to message your page. Surely there will immediately be a reply from your page according to the words that have been written in the messaging settings earlier. So I say again that the page sms answer only once, although sending a message to 3 or 5 you just try to do.

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But the most important thing is that someone who sends a message to our page will be immediately responded to, especially if the Auto Reply message is accompanied by a website url, it will certainly increase the number of visitors. I suggest don’t do this as an opportunity for spam actions if you don’t want your page visitors to run away one by one, this will be detrimental if your facebook page is used for buying and selling online.

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