How to Fix a Friend’s Laptop Camera that’s Not Good, Recommended! – Student Zone Hello, Zone Friends! Because Mimin is kind and not arrogant, Mimin will share how to fix a friend’s poor laptop camera.

Surely Zone Friends are all annoyed, when using Zoom but the camera is not very supportive. Now Mimin has a solution, so that your camera can be good and bright like a cellphone camera. Let’s just read Mimin’s review below!

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There are several applications that you can use to connect your cellphone camera as a Desktop PC or webcam. One of them is Droidcam. Here are the steps to use Droidcam:

  • The first step that you have to do is to install the Droidcam application, you can download the application using Google.
Image courtesy of Student Zone Team
  • After it appears select the first one, then click and download the Droidcam application. Wait for a few minutes, until the application is successfully downloaded.
Image courtesy of Student Zone Team
  • After the Droidcam installation on the laptop is complete, don’t forget to press the finish button. Then don’t forget to also download the application that is on your cellphone Friend Zone.
Finish illustration (Photo: Droidcam)

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  • To install Droidcam on your cellphone, you can download it using the Google Play Store application. First enter into the Google Play Store, then type Droidcam and don’t forget to press install. Wait for a few minutes until this application is completely installed.
Image courtesy of Student Zone Team
  • When it is installed, you can enter the Zone and agree to the requests to allow the Droidcam application to be able to start the application.
Image courtesy of Student Zone Team
  • The last one is to pair the password that is on the cellphone to your laptop, and the Droidcam application can already be used.
Image courtesy of Student Zone Team

This application is indeed very helpful, because the brightness is exactly the same as on a cellphone camera. So Friend Zone can all still look cool even though studying online.

How to Fix a Friend’s Laptop Camera that’s Not Good, Recommended!

Now for Zone Friends who feel that their laptop camera is not supported when used for Zoom, you can try this application. Good luck, Mimin said goodbye first!

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