How to Get Blue Tick on TikTok

There are various unique things revealed by tiktok users. Of course, old users are curious about how to get a blue tick on a tiktok account.

Do you have to be an active user or what? More than one billion active users of the tiktok application globally, coming from various countries, tiktok fans certainly want to get a blue tick on tiktok.

Tiktok claims that it is not only artists who get a blue tick or a blue tick badge, there are certain conditions that can be submitted to us.

Our system is from a machine, so people who have few followers and who watch can also get a lot because for your page or fyp.

Tiktok is not social media, so this application can be a place even for government agencies. You can also upload high-quality, hype and fresh videos among the millennial community and of course accompanied by a high sense of consistency.

You should not focus on the popularity you will have if you play or upload videos on tiktok because you will not be able to enjoy the fun of making videos. Official organizations usually get a blue tick.

style="text-align: justify;">If you are already famous or popular outside the tiktok application, then you can connect your tiktok profile to an existing social media account and your account will get a verification label.

You also shouldn’t get fans through fan generators as they will not yield results and those apps or services can steal personal information and install malicious hardware.

You will often find several accounts that have been verified by toktok, aka already have a blue check mark. You can find the blue ticks of tiktok on any social media.

style="text-align: justify;">The sign is actually a symbol that the account is credible and authentic belongs to the owner, usually to avoid account falsification.

You, as a fellow Tiktok user, of course want to have these marks and think about how you can create or get the blue ticks that these social media citizens crave.

style="text-align: justify;">Then you have come to the right website, because we will provide a complete review of how to get a blue tick on tiktok. Check out how below!

1. Gather Many Followers, Create Original and Quality Content

You have to collect thousands or millions of followers on tiktok so that your account has the potential to be verified by tiktok.

The more number of followers you collect, the greater your chance to get a blue tick on the tiktok application.

Although there is no official information from the Tiktok application regarding the number of followers that must be owned.

To collect a lot of followers on tiktok is to create good and quality content, if there is no content, of course there will be no other tiktok users who have the desire to follow your tiktok account because there really isn’t anything they can see. It’s different if you create content in a haphazard way.

style="text-align: justify;">The content we mean here is the content that you create must be original, interesting, unique, easy to understand, cool and really intend to create your own version of content.

Because if you can’t edit, you can learn how to edit videos for beginners on your favorite YouTube account. This method is quite powerful for those of you who do not understand how to edit.

2. Post Content Periodically and Collaborate With Influence

If you succeed in creating quality content, then you must post the content on a scheduled or periodic basis.

Upload interesting content consistently and make your account engagement with followers, so you also have a great chance to get a blue tick and go viral.

In addition, to be active on the tiktok application you need a stable and super fast internet connection.

Make sure your internet connection is stable and not bad because when posting videos, you need a smooth internet connection without obstacles in all weather conditions.

style="text-align: justify;">It’s also a good idea to edit the video that you are going to post before showing it to the public.

In order for you to get a blue tick on tiktok and be popular, you really have to make your account popular, the effective way is to hook up creators or influencers who already have names throughout tiktok.

Invite them to duet songs, dance duets, join challenges together to actively like and comment on each content. When it happens too often, your account will go viral.

3. Actively Utilizing Trending Songs, Challenges, Hashtags, or Dances

To gain popularity and be successful in getting a blue tick on tiktok, then you have to stay active following what’s trending whether using songs, dances, challenges, hashtags, food or whatever is going viral and there’s a lot of hype on tiktok.

You also have to make sure you don’t miss out on participating. The percentage chance for a blue tick will be large if your content is frequently fyp.

What Rules Must Be Obeyed?

4. Obey the Rules

You also can’t violate the rules made official by tiktok. Tiktok’s rules are that you may not upload content that is offensive to others, create content that contains sensitive issues and so on.

If you can apply these four points then there is no such thing as impossible to get a blue tick in the tiktok application. New rules for users under the age of 18 have just been inaugurated by the tiktok developer.

These rules are made to protect the privacy of users among teenagers. It’s important to provide teens with age-appropriate privacy settings and controls. This new rule release is critical to providing them with age-appropriate privacy settings and controls.

The purpose of the rules is to push for higher standards for user privacy and security. This new change applies to TikTok users who are under 18 years old.

Users aged 13 to 15 years by default will be changed to private, thus videos created by these users can only be viewed by other users who are approved as followers.

TikTok wants its younger users to be able to make choices with whom they choose to share their content, including whether they want to open their accounts publicly.

Tiktok has also tightened commenting options to regulate who can comment on posts of users under 18 years of age.

Another provision of tiktok is the duet and stitch settings which are only available for users aged 16 years or over.

Tiktok provisions regarding videos that can be downloaded by users aged 16-17 years, and videos created by users aged 16 years or older. While other users can also choose to allow the videos they make can be downloaded by other users or not.