How To Get Free Wetv VIP With These Tricks

How to get Wetv VIP for free

how to win free vip wetv – WeTV is a service that you can use to watch movies and dramas

If you like watching Korean dramas or Chinese dramas, we recommend using this WeTV application.

Just like other streaming applications, there are several videos on the WeTV application that are premium and can only be watched by those who use WeTV VIP.

How to get Wetv VIP for free
Get Wetv VIP for free

So, on this occasion, we will provide a trick to get WeTV VIP for free.

How to get WeTV VIP

You can get VIP on WeTV by subscribing every month. Of course you have to spend some money if you want to subscribe to WeTV VIP.

However, there are tricks you can try to get VIP on WeTV.

You can use the help of a VPN if you want to get WeTV VIP for free.

With the help of a VPN, you can unblock premium videos. Use any VPN to access premium videos on WeTV.

Do you know how to get free WeTV VIP using a VPN? If you don’t know yet, we will guide you to be able to open premium videos on WeTV.

How to get WeTV VIP for free

Here are the steps to get VIP on WeTV for free:

  1. First, you must first install a VPN from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You are free to use any brand of VPN, but if you are confused, you can use Turbo VPN.
  2. Then open the VPN app, hit the connect button to connect your phone to another server.
  3. Select the overseas server you want to use, you can use the US server.
  4. If you are already connected to an external server, you can directly open your WeTV application.
  5. Then you can watch the WeTV premium videos you want.

Make sure you follow the trick to get WeTV VIP for free that we have provided in detail. So that you can successfully access premium content or videos on the WeTV application.

That’s all we can say about the tutorial on getting free VIP on WeTV. We hope this article on how to get free VIP on WeTV can help you.