How to Get Money from Bussid

Currently there are many very interesting games to play. If you like playing games,

then there is nothing wrong with you trying to play a game called Bus Simulator Indonesia or commonly called the bussid game. You can listen to how to quickly get money on bussid.

You can try playing this game from Indonesia to find entertainment in your spare time.

And besides that, so that we can appreciate and appreciate local games.

In this discussion, we will explain how to get money in the bussid game.

Maybe for those of you who have never played this game, it will be difficult to get money. So you can read the following discussion carefully.

How to Get Money Fast in the Bussid Game?

Before we go to the discussion about how to get money in the bussid game. It’s good that you know more about this application.

So so that you can be more interested in playing this game, it’s good to know about the bussid game.

This bussid game is an original game made in Indonesia. Which is developed with very attractive 3D images.


way to play it is like driving a real bus, namely by pulling and drifting missions.

Looking for as many passengers as possible

The way to get money on bussid is that you can do it by withdrawing. Narik is a way to find passengers on the route you have specified. And you can earn money from this draw.

However, this one method can not get enough money. So if you want to get a lot of money, then you need to find as many passengers as possible.

Because you will earn money from people who board your bus. To find a lot of passengers you can look for it at the bus stop.


to get to the bus stop and don’t wander off.

Nglayap here means that you can practice to drive a bus and go anywhere without a definite destination.


means that by drifting you will not get any money at all. So you should avoid this if you want to get money you have to do as many interesting missions as possible.

Take advantage of Caperan

The second way to get money on the second bussid is to take advantage of caperan. The way you can do it,

at the top of the gift image you can play the video until it’s finished, the video is an advertising video with a duration of 15 seconds, the number of videos is 2.

If the mission to play the video is up, then you can wait about 15 minutes or by completing an interesting mission.

If the interesting mission is complete, then you will get 2 more slips on the condition that you have to watch the ad again.

Download Bussid Mod Version


now has a mod version available. You can download the apk file on google. There are so many that provide apk files for the bussid game mod. By using the mod version you can have unlimited money.

Well, those are some quick ways to make money on bussid. You need to know that the function of the money you get in the bussid game is to be able to buy bus items that are better and more interesting.

You can choose the bus you like if you have enough money. Hopefully the discussion in this article can help you to get a lot of money in this bussid game. That’s all from us, hopefully useful.