How to Get Money from Medium, Opportunity to Earn Millions of Rupiah

One of the platforms that has recently become known in Indonesia is Medium.

Indeed, the majority of the articles are in English and very few are in Indonesian, and when compared to Indonesian and foreign visitors, the number of visitors from Indonesia is very small.

If you are interested in the world of writing and want to make money from writing then Medium is a platform that you can use to earn money from writing.

As previously explained where the majority of Medium readers from abroad are speakers or connoisseurs of English-language article content, it is better if you are serious about producing articles from Medium, then write articles on Medium in English.

What’s interesting is, you don’t have to bother looking for the right fit, no need to sell affiliate products or display ads in the content you write.

You don’t even have to think about traffic because Medium contains millions of visitors worldwide and is the top 100 most popular site in the world according to Alexa.

At Medium, all you think about is how to produce quality content. If your content is of sufficient quality, the more people will read your content and the more you will get.


you imagine how fun it would be to write about the things we love and earn money from these activities.

The money generated is unlimited. Some users have earned between US$10 to US$10,000.

What Is Medium and How Does It Work?

If YouTube is a video content sharing platform then Medium is a written content sharing platform.

Just like YouTube where creators can publish content and then monetize it with ads, the same is true for Medium.

Any writer can publish article content and earn from it. But the difference is that money is not generated from advertising.


YouTube creators, the longer the video is made, the longer the video is watched, the greater the potential profit that YouTubers can get.

This applies to the Medium platform as well. The more article content that is published and the longer the content is read, the more money that can be generated.


the only way to make money from YouTube is by serving ads then the only way to make money from Medium is by calculating “member reading time”.

The longer the reader opens the page you write, the greater the income of the Medium writer.

How to Earn Money from Medium

If Medium doesn’t serve ads, where does the money come from?

Money can be made by paid members on Medium. Medium membership is US$50 per year and US$5 per month.

So if someone who subscribes to premium for a month then reads 500 articles, then the value of US $ 5 will be divided into 500 content that has been read.

The amount distributed depends on how long the article is read (member reading time).


not all content on Medium has to be paid to be able to read it because some content on Medium is available for free.

Providing free articles to free users will not contribute a penny to authors but if your content is read by enough free users then the Medium algorithm will also recommend your articles to paid users which in turn encourages more readers of Medium premium members.

2 Ways to Earn Money from Medium

There are two ways to get money from Medium, namely by writing on the Medium platform as we talked about a lot above and the second is by referring the Medium membership.

Both of these ways are potential ways if practiced properly. The complete method can be seen below.

How to Earn Money from Medium by Referring Membership

The first method is quite easy to do. You don’t need to reset content, write content, and so on.

All you need to do is invite other people to join as a Medium membership.

Later you can get passive income as long as the person you refer is still extending their membership.

As previously explained, Medium Premium members are priced at US$50 per year and US$5 per month.

The amount you will get if someone joins the annual Medium Premium member is $2.01 which will be paid at the end of the month.


if you join monthly, you will get US $ 2.27 which will also be distributed at the end of the month.

For how to earn money by sharing referral codes, Medium has written this link: https://help.medium.Com/hc/en-us/articles/4405927192215

The tips given for Medium members who want to make money through referrals are to create a landing page where readers will be led to enter the landing page later, interested members can join Medium Premium and you will earn money from membership.

To get a referral code you can do the following steps:

1. First, click on your profile picture in the top right corner.

2. After that click on settings on the menu.

3. Click Audio Development.

4. After that click Promote Membership.

5. After that you will go to the membership page and here you will see a link that you can copy and share.

How to Make Money from Medium by Writing

One of the main ways that Medium offers is by writing on Medium. But you can not directly write and get money from the writing.

Just like YouTube where you who just made a vacation video and upload it to YouTube will not be able to be monetized.

YouTube has a number of conditions that creators must meet before they can monetize their channel.

Likewise, Medium determines a number of conditions that must be met to be able to monetize the content you share.

The first requirement is that the Medium account has published at least one post on Medium.

Second, your Medium account has at least 100 followers. And thirdly, the account publishes at least once in 6 months.


Medium is an ideal platform to earn money for people who have a passion for writing.

From this fun activity, it turns out that we can earn money. Not per article, but depending on how many people read and as long as the reader reads the writing that is made.

This means you can earn an unlimited amount on Medium. Some members have earned hundreds of thousands to tens of millions every month from their writings.

With 22 million visitors from all over the world, your writing has the potential to be read by a lot of people.

Apart from writing, you can also earn from the medium by sharing a referral code that will allow you to earn passive income every month.