How to Get Money from Quora, Here are Tips and Ways to Earn Millions of Rupiah

Quora lately has more and more users in Indonesia and has become very popular. This is a site that is the solution to all kinds of questions we ask.

If there used to be Yahoo Answers, now the site is no longer popular and has been replaced with Quora.

If you remember there was an incident where a female student drank cyanide poison at her father’s grave, before she committed suicide, she had time to ask on the Quora site about cyandia and all the complaints she had.

Quora is not just an ordinary question and answer site, Quora has a unique concept where users not only get quality answers to the questions asked but also have the opportunity to earn money on Quora.

This program is known as the “Quora Partner Program”. If you have joined the Quora Partner Program, you will earn money by asking questions on Quora.

Terms of Joining the Quora Partner Program

The main requirement that must be met to join the Quora partner program is that your content has at least 100,000 views, aka 100 thousand impressions.

This means that you cannot join the Quora Partner Program immediately after registering.


program is intended for active users on Quora so if you want to join the Quora Partner Program then use Quora often and actively ask and answer so that the 100,000 view target is met.

How it Works Quora

Maybe you realize earning money by asking questions as described is like a fantasy, after all where does Quora get the money to pay its members?

So Quora is a UGC type platform aka user generated content. All content on Quora comes from user-generated content.

The same concept also exists on YouTube. All content on YouTube comes from other users and creators will earn money from ads served on ads served on videos.


same goes for Quora, all the money on Quora comes from advertising. If there are questions and answers on Quora, there will be ads in the form of simple text and images.


this ad will be shared between Quora Partner Program users who ask questions and Quora.

For example, there is a hosting company doing advertisements on Quora and of course their ads will be shown in answers to questions about websites and hosting because this is how the hosting company gets new users.

So if you embed the keywords “hosting” and “website” then their ads will appear in the questions we ask.

So the profit you can get depends on the keywords you use. For example, there is a user who has the keyword “Webinar” in his question. This question received 414 response views with a profit of $0.08.

In another question asking about history where this type of question has no advertisers it only earns $0.05 from 48,342 impressions!

No advertisers, no money.

How to Get Money from Quora, Here are Tips and Ways to Earn Millions of Rupiah

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How to Earn Money on Quora

If you have been active enough on Quora then you will get an invitation to join the Quora Partner Program. Some users even get an invite with a total of 50,000 impressions.

So make sure that your answers and questions are of high quality because the only way to join the Quora Partner Program is through a direct invitation from Quora.

If you are considered a valuable user on Quora, surely Quroa will not let you go. The form of appreciation is to include you with the Quora Partner Program.

Quora Partner Program invitations will be sent via email as well as via notifications on the Quora app.

The things that determine how quickly you are invited are the quality of the answers given, your field of work, the number of followers, the number and quality of questions you ask.

Asking Interesting Questions

Interesting questions will get lots of impressions and interactions. This indicates that the question asked is interesting.

A good question is one that is able to make every reader interested in contributing to an answer or attracting other users to read.


you want to ask questions, look for popular topics that many people know about or that are trending. This will make it easier for your question to go viral on the Quora platform.

A question will be much more interesting because there is an emotional drive there. So make questions that ignite the emotions of users.

However there may be many questions of this type on Quora. But don’t ask the same thing on Quora.

In addition, the intensity is also important. Ask questions on Quora on a regular basis. The more often you ask, the better.

Get Traffic from Google

You may often find the Quroa site included in the list of Google search results. This is because Google believes in the Quora site with quality content in it.

Quora can help searchers find the answers they need, which is why Google displays Quora in the results.

You can also use this to increase the number of impressions. Google is a reliable source of traffic.

If you are able to top the search results then you will have the opportunity to earn more money on Quora.

To be able to appear in Google search results, make sure that your questions target low-competition keywords, quality answers, and are able to attract people to click on them.

To help target the right keywords, you can use Google Trends.

Filling Profile with Details

Filling out a profile that includes your name, occupation, education, and location will give the Quora algorithm the best suggestions for displaying on the main page of the Quora site or app.

Filling out your profile with details will make you appear to have more authority to answer a question.

For example, if you are an accountant, people will trust you more if you answer questions about financial management.

Follow Rooms on Quora

On Quora there is something called a Space which is similar to a sub-forum on Kaskus, a sub-Reddit on Reddit, or a group on a Facebook Group.

This is a forum for people who have the same interests discussing a topic.

By joining the space available on Quora, it will be easier to find people who are interested in something. Here you can ask questions and provide answers.

In addition, you can also create your own room which you can later monetize according to your wishes.

Promote on Quora

The most logical and quick way to earn money from Quora is to trade or promote on Quora. You don’t even need to be a Quora partner to do this.

Actually promotion on Quora is strictly prohibited. However, you can insert the product you want to offer through soft selling there.