How to Get Money from Seawur

With the internet, we all have the same opportunity to make money from the internet. But for some people getting money from the internet has a number of problems.

First, making money from the internet requires special skills. Making money from the internet can be through design, programming, video editing, and so on.

But unfortunately not everyone has this skill so not everyone has the same opportunity to make money from this path.

Second, how to get money from the internet can be by selling either by reseller, dropship, or through affiliate links. However, this method is too complicated and consumes too much time, energy, effort, and capital.

Third, there are very easy ways to make money from the internet, such as earning money from reading on certain apps or from watching advertisements.

But unfortunately the income that can be generated is very small and it seems impossible to rely on as a reliable additional income.

How to make money not only through the 3 ways above, there is one more way that can be an alternative for you to make a lot of money, consistent, passive, and quite reliable with great earning potential, without skills needed and without selling.

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The trick is to use Seawur

Seawur is a URL shortening service. This service can help you to make money. Like how it works and how it works, keep reading this article until the end.

What is URL Shortener

When we want to share the link, of course the link will look like this:

Some problems using long links/ original links:

With a long link like this will confuse those who see it.

Long links are also difficult to copy especially when accessing via mobile.

In terms of aesthetics, long links are less aesthetic when inserted into social media.


shortening the URL will make the long link more concise so that it is easier to copy, better looking, and less confusing to the viewer.

Some URL shortening services and generated links include:



use of URL shortening services is becoming more important for Twitter users because Twitter limits the number of characters that can be tweeted.

Using a URL shortener will increase the number of characters embedded in the tweet.

Another advantage of using a URL shortener is that there is a tracker so you can monitor how many people clicked on the URL in real time, knowing where they came from, and how long they were visiting.

Although it has great benefits, the other benefits are not limited to that. While the benefits are very technical as described, it turns out that some URL shortening can make you money.

How to Get Money from Seawur

What is Seawur?

Semawur is a URL shortener that is currently being discussed, gaining popularity, and promising a large income. This opportunity is what makes some people tempted, maybe you are one of them.


money from Semawur is a very easy way especially if you already have a high-traffic blog or social media that has a lot of followers.

The Best Way to Make Money

Maybe you are wondering, how does Semawur, as a URL shortener provider make money?

The method is simple, when you decide to make money through Semawur then you can follow the program provided by Semawur.

So that way when you share the shortened link with Semawur then later when other people click on the shortened link it will go to the ad page before being able to go to the intended page. From this ad your profit comes.

This means that the more people who click, the more

Reasons to Use Awesome URL Shortener to Earn Money

Semawur is the same as any other URL shortener, but Semawur has a number of basic advantages such as the following:

1. User Friendly

When you first open the Seawur dashboard, you will immediately know and it’s easy to remember the features in it.

This is possible because Semawur has a user-friendly interface that makes it easier for users to use its services.


the dashboard, you can see the links you have shortened, the links you have earned, and the commissions you have earned. All these important statistics are easily accessible.

2. Commission can be withdrawn to local bank

Unlike other URL shortening services, which can only be disbursed via PayPal, Semawur can be disbursed to local banks in Indonesia.

This will make it easier for anyone who wants to make money from Seawur without the hassle of creating a PayPal account.

3. Low Disbursement Minimum.

No need to wait for such a large commission to be able to withdraw the balance. Only by collecting a balance of 000 you can withdraw funds to your account or to OVO, GoPay, and Dana.

4. Can Make Money Through Referrals

If you are satisfied with using Semawur, you can recommend Semawur to your friends with a referral code.

Later anyone who joins Seawur then you will get a bonus of 10%.

5. Responsive Support

If you experience problems, then you can contact Semawur to overcome the problems you have.

So you don’t have to worry if there are problems when using Seawur because their support is very responsive.

Tips to Get Money from Seawur Optimally

Earning money in Seawur there are ways and strategies that can be taken to optimize revenue. Here are some tips to get money optimally.

1. Traffic

At the beginning, it was explained that Semawur is very good if used on traffic blogs or social media that have a lot of followers.

They are the ones who will click on the link you share. So if you want to get something from Semawur, first think about the traffic sources you use.

If you only share the link with your friends, of course it won’t be effective or through your social media that you have with a small number of followers.

If you don’t have a high-traffic blog or social media with a lot of followers, don’t worry, just take advantage of channels built by other people such as Facebook Groups, Telegram Groups, and WhatsApp Groups.

2. The link contains great benefits

To be honest, not everyone is willing to click on the link from the shortened URL of Semawur, which is famous for its many advertisements.

People will be willing to click on the link from the shortened URL Semawur if they get great benefits.

That means the “cost” of links and viewing ads is proportional to the benefits obtained.

If you shorten the URL of an article like this in Seawur, not many people will click on it.

Instead, use offers with great benefits such as premium products such as ebooks, videos, movies, software, and others.