How to Get Money in Neu, Recommended for Earning Money

The internet provides unlimited opportunities for all kinds of needs including to earn money. There are many ways to make money online, from the easiest to the most complex.

From what is done by giant companies to what is done by young people who are lying down.

If you want to get something from the internet then actually you only need to choose from the many methods available on the internet.

But this time we certainly don’t discuss one by one because this time we will discuss one application that is recommended for use by anyone who already has an ID card to earn income, namely by using the Neu application.

Of course, the Neu application cannot be relied on as a main source of income, but as a distraction and extra money, it is certainly quite good.

Just like all other ways to get things on the internet, by using the Neu application, you don’t need to be tied to time and place. You can while doing anything, anytime and anywhere.

If you are curious about how to get money from Neu, keep reading this article until it runs out.

Neu at a Glance


is an interbank transfer application. Actually the word Neu is a play on the word New which means new. As their tagline “A new way to transact everyday.”

The main function of this application is interbank transfer service without admin fee. In addition, this application can pay various bills, top up digital wallets, and so on.

The Neu application was released on April 7, 2020 and has received a total of 5000 downloads with a rating of 4.2 out of 5.

Although the name is a play on New, actually this kind of service is not really new. Previously there has been a similar service from OY! And Flip which has been around since 2016.


different from OY! And Flip, this app is quite light. If the Flip has a size 75, OY! Having a size of 66 MB, Neu is only 33 MB in size.


essence of how Neu works is that if you transfer money between banks it will cost you 6500 then the solution offered by Neu is, you transfer to the same Neu account as yours and then Neu will transfer it to someone else’s account so there is no interbank transfer fee .

How to Get Money from Neu

Now we come to the main topic, how to get money from Neu. If you want to earn money from Neu then follow these steps:

1. First make sure you have downloaded the Neu application on the Play Store or on the App Store.

2. After that open the application and then click register.

3. Later you will be asked to fill in your full name, mobile number, email and if applicable, a referral code.

4. After that verify the cellphone number and after that create a PIN.


style="white-space: pre;"> After that, verify your email. Check email from Neu. If it’s not in your inbox, try opening it in the spam section. After that click the link in the email.

6. After the email verification is complete, the next step is to verify the account. Verify this account using a photo of your ID card and a selfie with your ID. Make sure you photograph it clearly. Click save if done and continue.

7. Enter the requested information such as ID card number, full name, gender, place of birth, and others.

8. If you have clicked Register Now.

At this point, your registration has been completed. Then you just have to wait for verification which can take between 1 to 3 days.

If you have then you will immediately get 20,000 points.

The Neu app often shares rewards on its platform. So don’t uninstall, wait for the gifts that will be distributed later. You can potentially earn hundreds of thousands of points which can be turned into money.

Later the disbursement will be made through the account number.

How to Get Money in Neu with Referral Code


way to earn money on Neu is by using a referral code. A referral code is a code used to invite other people. Later the inviter will get a bonus from registration that other people do using the inviter’s referral code.

The Neu referral code consists of numbers and letters which are often also referred to as invitation codes or referral codes and referral codes.

This is one of the programs that Neu provides for its users. Neu created this program to attract other Neu users to use the Neu app.

If you manage to get a new user who registers using your referral code, then later you can get a bonus of 10 thousand to 20 thousand rupiah per one registrant.

If if you invite other people to join using Neu as many as 10 people then you will automatically get between 100 thousand to 200 thousand.

The more people who join Neu using your referral code, the more money you can make.

Therefore, refer it to as many people as possible starting from family, friends, relatives, close friends, neighbors, people in your contacts, WhatsApp groups, Telegram groups and so on.

The money that can be generated by the referral code is sustainable unlike the money that is made from registration.

If the money generated from registration is only obtained once, then with referrals you can earn multiple times and without limits. This is the right opportunity for you to make easy money on Neu anytime and anywhere.

Is Neu Safe?

Currently, there are so many scam or fraudulent applications that claim to be able to provide sudden large income by using the application. But what about Neu?

Neu is so far a very safe application to use because it has obtained legality from a financial institution, namely the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

Neu is currently within the scope of a company called PT. Nusantara Financial Inclusion which is also supported by Safecash. This application also obtained permission from BI on August 14, 2019.

Many people have proven it and of course no one has experienced fraud as illegal applications that are not based on law and have no legal entity.

So don’t hesitate and don’t be afraid to be cheated because this is an application that can be accounted for.


Currently there are various ways to earn money on the internet. Many application development companies give free money to anyone who wants to register on their platform.

The hope is to get more and more new users. And this is what we can take advantage of.

Register at Neu by verifying your ID card and within 1 x 24 hours you will get the money. But of course this can only be done once. To make money continuously on Neu then use the referral code.

This referral code will be used when registering a new account. The more accounts that are registered with the referral code, the more money you can make.