How to Get Money in PK XD Games

How to Get Money in PK XD Games

PK XD game is a very fun game to play. This game can be played by both adults and children.

The thing that makes this game interesting is its interesting gameplay and also very diverse features. The graphics that are displayed are also very interesting and not boring.

This game is suitable for people who like challenges and also suitable for filling their free time.

PK XD games are very popular and are played by people all over the world. Playing it will make us immersed in the world of PK XD games.

If you know the game Sakura Shool Simulator then you will feel a pretty good sensation with this game because there are many similarities between these two games.

In this game the players can do everything freely according to the player’s will without any limiting rules.

Playing this PK XD game is as if we have a pet where we can choose a new one, make the character we choose more interesting, build a house, and so on.

The theme of this game itself is Open Wold Advanture which in this game there are games that can be selected and played.

This game is a game made by PlayKids Inc which is currently on the rise and is played by young people. It is because of this popularity that the PK XD game is included in the list of the best games on the Google Play Store.

This PK XD game has lots of positive reviews that show players are very satisfied with this game.

Even though playing the game is quite easy to play, but for some people who do not understand this game, they will feel confused about how to play this game.

Actually playing this game is very easy to play. When after installing this application you will be guided how to play this game.

But even so many people are still confused about how to play this game.

In this article, we do not discuss the entire guide to playing this game, but only discuss how to earn money in the PK XD game.

The money in this PK XD game can work a lot. Just like money in the real world as a medium of exchange, in this PK XD game we can exchange a certain amount of money to obtain available items which include characters, character decorations, buildings, and so on.

Getting money in this PK XD game is often asked and confuses users. That’s why this article was created to guide you to earn money in the PK XD game.

How to Get Money in PK XD Games

Register New Account

This is the way that many PK XD game users do. This method is very easy to do and guaranteed you will get money in XD games quickly.

The trick is to register a new account. You can do this if your old account doesn’t get a lot of money. Or just want to restart the game with all the fun there is.

If you create a new account then you will immediately get 1000 money and 20 gems. But of course everything you have collected in the game will be lost.

This method forces you to have multiple registration emails. And of course it is limited by the number of emails you have and the problem is what you have collected in the game is lost.

Therefore, if this method is not suitable for you, try the next method.

Watching Ads

This method is the easiest way because you don’t have to bother re-registering the PK XD game with the risk of losing all the items you have collected.

Watch ads every day then you will continue to get gems for free. In a day the gems given is 2. This is a feature specially made to get gems and money from PK XD games.

If you multiply it in a month, that means you can get up to 60 gems in a month, this is quite a lot considering that gems are obtained in a way that is not easy.

How to Get Money in PK XD Games

Juice Stand

The next way to get money in PK XD is to play the juice stand. Juice stand is one of the features provided by PK XD games to earn money. But you only have the opportunity to play the juice stand only 5 times.

To play the juice stand again, players have to wait for 1 hour to get their ticket to play the juice stand again.

Crazy Run

The next way is to play crazy run. This is a gathering place for PK XD players because it is the most fun and interesting place to play.

To play Crazy Run you can play with friends and if the player completes 5 times, the player will get a surprise box which contains gems and money.

If you are interested in playing crazy run with friends, you can follow these steps:

1. First, open the PK XD game on your Android phone or iPhone.

After that, click the plus sign (+) at the top.

1. Select the icon with the image of two heads.

2. Then click search and then type in the nickname of the friend you want to invite.

3. Click the search button then send invite.

4. Then the friend who is invited must accept the friend request.

5. If you have then you will see their respective icons on the screen in the My Friends section.

6. Finally, click Visit to visit a friend’s profile.

You can play crazy run as much as possible to get as much money and gems as possible.

Secret Box

Secret box as the name implies is a secret city that we need to find which contains gems and money in it. You have to explore all over the place to find it.

In the process of finding it can be said to be easy and difficult because secret boxes are scattered in unexpected places.


PK XD game is a very fun game to play. But it will be more fun if we have a lot of gems and money.

Earning money is not only by buying it but there are a number of ways that can be taken to get yang and gems in this game.

This method is by registering a new account, watching advertisements, playing juice stands, playing crazy run, and finding secret boxes. All of these methods you can use at once or you can choose the method you like the most.

On the way to earn money and gems in PK XD is a fun activity. Enjoy the process of earning money and gems because that is the essence of playing the game.