How to Get the Best Business Mentor

As we all know, everyone has blind spot. is blind spot that? Blind spots is something that we cannot see because of our limitations. Everyone has it, even the world’s top and successful people still have it blind spot. One of the secrets why they remain successful is that they have a teacher or mentor or coach. If you have a mentor or coach, you will experience extraordinary career or business advancement.

When you run a business process, you need to have a coach or mentor who can really help you well. A simple analogy goes like this,

Scenario 1

Imagine that you are a member of a fitness center. Surely you will be trained by a professional trainer, right? Professional Trainers may have characters like this,

When you lift the barbell and feel very tired. Then the Professional Trainer said, “Okay, dad, take a break while snacking…”. What happened? You will do what the Professional Trainer suggests, right? Rest, snack, even watch TV!

Imagine when it was done continuously, what happened to you? Are you developing better?

id="skenario-2">Scenario 2

Still at the fitness center, but this time you meet a Professional Trainer who has another character. When you lift the barbell and feel very tired. Then the Professional Trainer said, “It’s still light, try lifting it again!” When you manage to lift the barbell, the Professional Trainer adds a barbell instead.

“Do you want your body to be successful and sturdy? Let’s lift the barbell again!”

In your opinion, which attitude of the Professional Trainer made you more developed? Professional Trainer in scenario 1 or 2? If you want to get the best business mentor, choose a mentor who is not too “nice” like in scenario 1, but choose a mentor who has an attitude in scenario 2.

id="if-you-want-to-grow-go-outside-from-the-comfort-zone" style="text-align: center;">If you want to grow, go outside from the comfort zone.


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