How to get updates on the opening of the pre-employment card wave

How to get updates on the opening of the pre-employment card wave

pre-employment card wave update

The government’s pre-employment card program is aimed at improving the competence of Indonesian citizens at a cost borne by the government. Every citizen can register as long as they are 18 years old and have an ID card, prepare an email and an active number.

As long as the program is still open, we can register at any time via, after that we just follow the opening wave. To open new wave waiting for news or information from official pre-employment social media.

The opening of the wave is usually given a time limit of about 4 to 5 days, therefore those of you who intend to register for the pre-employment card must stay tuned for the latest updates. Because the number of registration participants has increased as much as possible on the first day of the opening of the new wave, we are ready to follow. Also, if it’s full, it’s likely to be rejected and can only join the next wave.

How to Get New Wave of Pre-Employment Card Updates

Each opening and closing of the pre-employment card wave will be announced via social media Instagram and Twitter. For that we need to follow and activate the feed so that there are notifications every time there is a new post from pre-work Instagram.

  • First open Instagram then the search tab then type the word and select the account with the blue tick next to it.

How to get updates on the opening of the pre-employment card wave

  • After the account is open click Follow same activate feed notification post so that every wave update you will get the first notification.

How to get updates on the opening of the pre-employment card wave

How to Register a Pre-Employment Card Account

The registration itself is quite easy to go through as long as you meet the requirements and have complete data. The old one while attending training, requires patience especially when waiting for funds to enter the account. Until the process of disbursing Pre-Employment Card funds at OVO to a local bank.

1. First make sure you have prepared, photo ID, family card, email, and phone number.

2. The registration stage can be done through a cellphone or computer that can be connected to the internet

3. Then register via

4. Then enter your email address, password and confirm the password. Check that you agree to the terms and conditions. Then click list.

How to get updates on the opening of the pre-employment card wave

5. Next we will be sent a verification link via email, immediately open gmail click Verify Email Now.

How to get updates on the opening of the pre-employment card wave

6. If it appears on the screen if the email is verified, just click View Dashboard.

7. The next step is to verify the KTP by entering the resident identification number, KK number and filling in (date of birth, month, and year) according to the data on the KTP.

8. On the next page, fill in complete personal data starting from gender, latest education, and working/not working status, complete address according to ID card, selecting training category to uploading photo ID card.

9. Then verify the active phone number, after the number is entered, wait a while until an SMS from Pre-Employment appears containing a secret numeric code for verification.

10. Next there will be a survey in the form of questions, we only answer Yes or No until it is finished.

After all the registration steps are passed, it means that you have successfully created and have a Pre-Employment Card account. However, they still have to pass a para-employment test by completing a multiple choice test.

Also prepare a calculator to solve the problem of counting numbers in order to speed up finding the answer because the time limit is given to completing the exam.

That’s how to get a new wave of pre-employment card updates and how to register a pre-employment card account, I hope this information is useful.

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