How to increase your sales with BukaLapak

Are you still curious about the marketing system via Buka, which is one of the big marketplaces whose name is skyrocketing? Want your product to appear on the Open and get an incredible TURNOVER on the internet?

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How to increase your sales with Buka

Mebiso presents a special speaker from the Buka team, namely the Buka Branch Manager in Surabaya who will reveal ways to successfully market your products at Buka.

Immediately register yourself and friends by calling the following number: 081-33450-5599

“Success is patterned, failure is also patterned” -Jaya Setiabudi-

Follow the pattern of success in increasing sales on the internet by participating in this event.

Increase sales at BukaLapak
Increase sales at BukaLapak