How to Install Magento on Hosting

Magento is a very popular software or script for e-commerce, usually used for online stores. This script is very popular as an online store platform on windows hosting because it has complete features and meets standard procedures and security standards for an online store. Keep reading to find out how to install magento on hosting:

Step 1

It is assumed that you have uploaded the magento installer file into your webhosting then the user and database you have created before (this tutorial can help ). You can download the installer file directly on the website magento .

Step 2

Access your website domain, you will be directed to the initial install screen > Click agree and setup Magento

Step 3

Click Readiness Check, make sure all the requirements are met. Click Next

Step 4

Fill in according to the database information that was created previously

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Step 5

Specify the domain to install magento and admin > Next

Step 6

Adjust the timezone and currency you want to use > Next

Step 7

Create an admin account the way you want

Step 8

Everything is ready > Install Now

Step 9

Magento is finished installing, save all the login info

Step 10

Magento is ready to use

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