How to keep your little one getting breast milk even though they are positive for COVID-19 like Ukkasya

Jakarta – The case of COVID-19 which has increased sharply lately is indeed increasingly worrying, Mother. Not only attack adults but also children and even babies.

It feels very sad, yes, if the Little One ‘falls down’. Moreover, they are infected with COVID-19 which is currently spreading. Celebrity Zaskia Sungkar is experiencing it, Mother. His baby, Ukkasya, is known to have been exposed to COVID-19.

Through her social media account, Zaskiapost Ukkasya’s condition, whose forehead was being plastered with fever-reducing plaster. In his statement, Zaskia uploaded a message, “Broken heart, Ukkasya’s first time was high fever and sick. Previously, Ukkasya had never had a cold at all, even when she was traveling, she was ok, only once at home in the last few months, please go copid, son.”

He continued, “Qadarullah, the spirit of sponges. Alhamdulillah until today mami kia is negative and healthy can take care of 2 favorite people @irwansyah_15 @ukkasyahki masyaAllah Tabarakallah, also excited for all moms who maybe a lot of them are having problems like me. Stay calm, God willing, it will get better in a week as you wish yes. cheer up!!”

It’s not easy, Mother, to be in a condition like Mother Kia. Even though he was negative, the baby and husband were exposed to COVID-19. Of course, it is a dilemma in the midst of these conditions.

And, there may also be some breastfeeding moms out there who have had the same experience as Mother Kia. Dilemma with this condition and finally decided to continue to take care of directly exposed family members, including still loving the baby.

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Pediatrician, Dr Tiwi, in his social media account @klinikdrtiwidotcom_official wrote that breastfeeding mothers who are exposed to COVID-19 can still breastfeed, Mother. The key is to keep doing prokes because the risk of contracting it can happen.

Dr Tiwi said cases of COVID-19 had indeed increased sharply and had an impact on pregnant women and nursing mothers. Thankfully, there are many cases of children but they are mild, it’s just that it’s still contagious, Mom.

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