How to know Blogger’s Remaining Storage Capacity

How to find out the remaining storage capacity of blogger we will peel here, I hope you can be clear with what I mean. Ok! Since it’s already midday July 18th 2012, it’s a bit late, isn’t the language…

How to know Blogger’s Remaining Storage Capacity


Have you ever posted on blogger? hehehe just a question… of course it’s okay, what if you haven’t come to this post… it’s a mess…. Please note that the actual image you delete from the blogger’s post is not deleted by the blogger, the image will still pile up on the drive. So when you exceed the reasonable 1GB storage limit, you may be directed to an Upgrade offer. But the problem now is how to see the remaining storage capacity of our Blogger….????

Don’t worry, I’ll explain why…

This is how, when you upload an image, usually the remaining storage capacity will be visible. Then is it because the blogger account is joined to a gmail or youtube account, the capacity remains one in the service? Not! Google is very kind. Even though you see Gmail,

Blogger, Youtube become one. But for its own storage capacity.

blogger space

You see the picture above? it is our Package Status. and some others are offers. for upgrades. yes if you are interested please Upgrade.
The second way to find out your Blogger’s Remaining Storage Capacity is through Google Picassa. there try to look at the very bottom.

That is an example of mine. Easy isn’t it? and if you want to manage / Manage storage capacity, just visit Google Manage Storage.


some of the explanations above are only limited to how to see the remaining storage capacity of our blogger account. well for the next, I will post. Regarding how to permanently delete unused images, so that we can still use the free service. Wait for the next post.


I’m going to sleep, I hope you have a good day today!

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