How to know how much breast milk a baby is drinking in a day

Jakarta – When breastfeeding, especially if directly, the mother will find it difficult to measure how much milk the baby drinks every day. Not only Mother, but surely there are many breasts who can’t be sure what the exact volume of breast milk that the baby is drinking

Most of the busui only meet the needs of breastfeeding without measuring exactly how much the baby is drinking. Especially for new mothers, it may not be easy to know this. And, Busui is not sure whether her baby is getting what he needs to the fullest.

“A wet diaper is a good indicator, as is hearing the sound of a baby swallowing while feeding,” said Zoe Ralph, a Fellow of the Institute of Health Visiting, as quoted from the page. NHS.

Originally, breastfeeding was recommended for the first 6 months of life. And you should not introduce bottled milk first because it will reduce the amount of milk you produce.

When the baby suckles, you also need to pay attention to whether they are breastfeeding well or not. Usually, a baby who is getting enough breast milk will initiate rapid sucking followed by long, rhythmic sucking and swallowing with occasional pauses.

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Oh yes, you can also hear and see your baby swallowing. The baby’s cheeks also remain round and not sunken during sucking. Also, the baby looks calm and relaxed during breastfeeding.

Regarding how much milk a baby drinks in a day, basically during the first day or two after birth the baby will not get much milk because breast milk only produces a small amount of colostrum. However, regardless of the amount of colostrum that can be pumped and given to the baby, it is very beneficial, Mother.

Then between the second and sixth day, milk production will increase. Newborns may need about 2 to 4 ounces every three to four hams. From 2 to 5 months, babies will consume an average of 5 to 7 ounces every four to five hours.

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